Arena in arcade


Can you add a filter to choose if we wan’t or not to play arena or hunt

sorry for my bad english…


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If you don’t want to play Arena, try Hunt mode. Seems like Arcade is going to be for the Variants and Arena with some Hunt thrown in. If you want a more Hunt focused gamemode, play Hunt instead.

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I have edited my first post.

humm ok… Hunt mode = new player, is not fun on monster…

Sorry, that’s the way it is now. If you want to play Monster and not have to worry about getting beat on there isn’t much for you. You can play solo, but that only gets you so far. Bottom line is adding a filter system would probably increase matchmaking times by a lot.

yes I understand.

When developers understand that their game has almost no player, it will be too late already statistics have dropped well

Enjoy and gl

I mentioned this ages ago they should should add a filter

Developers prefer add skins :smiley: It’s better xD

Try to find some friends to practice with. I’m sure plenty of people, including myself if you’d like it, are willing to include you in a group and give you tips on how to improve :slight_smile: