Arena Gone?

After the new patch arena mode seems to have vanished? It’s skirmish and hunt as options.

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It’s in skirmish(?) iirc

They lumped a non ranked version of Hunt, Defend, and Arena into the Skirmish mode by the looks of things. Its still there, just on rotation with the other two modes.

</10 bananas for the moderators and leaders =)

I think there’s something called “Quick Play” and it might be hidden under that. (That’s my best guess, I haven’t gotten to look yet)

Edit: Damnit, ToiletWraith! You’re not allowed to double ninja, that’s just not even right.

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Ah, so no rescue and nest. Nice, nice.

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I am too!
zips off

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I suppose I won’t really be playing it then. Never liked anything but hunt/arena.
I won’t be playing it for fun anyways. Defend wasn’t ever that fun.

Until I decided to Git Gud, defend was my jam I miss being able to play defend. I’m glad its in an accessible area to play online now. Nobody plays Evac anymore and I always played Evac so I could play Defend.

At least some people enjoy it, so there’s that.