Arena God Dome


###2:38 - 3:19
On the map Armory of the “Ebonstar Depot” Arena, there is a very small crevasse that the Hunters can fit in. I cut the clip short but the Monster had a very hard time killing me but eventually was able to. This would be a game-breaking bug for other Monsters however.


Couldn’t you have just made one thread, put one video of all the bugs?


He did, but was told to seperate them.


Devs like one thread with one bug because it’s easier for us to track. :smiley:


Shouldn’t such a bug be a little bit more descreet?

Now a lot of lurkers will see this and go “Oh! We are losing! Time to get in this little pocket!”

Something that is controllable (sorta) like this shouldn’t be openly shown.

Granted we already have normal Hunt God Domes but they require specific Dome positions in order to work while this one is “Get this Map in this Area.”

I dunno maybe I’m overreacting but this should be a little bit less “Here it is!”