Arena, Defend Mode Deletions?

I have absolutely no clue of what this is about. As from a thread somewhere and a tweet

“Please give Arena it’s own Mode Selection again. PLEASE. Also, Defend Mode Selection too. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF SHEAR.”

I like the please for love of shear part but seriously what happened?


Arena is no longer a mode on it’s own, now it belongs to Skirmish, some users didn’t liked that.

Its because defend and arena cycle when you choose skirmish mode, there is no online option to play only arena or only defend. Its been this way since the jack release.
Edit: Damn ninja robots…

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So it use to be like Evac where it wasn’t called skirmish.

Hmm I think? They put Arena and Defend with Skirmish mode, so now you can’t go directly to one of these modes.

Oh okay, one of the reasons I play offline… You may close the thread now thank you both very much.


No problem, always happy to help :bucket_salute:

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