Arena death bug

So we’re playing arena, me and a friend. After losing about 4 matches to this guy who played a good monster, we won one battle against him, so hopes were high for this second battle.

Then boom, Laz is dead. Just as the match starts, he spawns dead. My friend, who was playing Laz, said he spawned spectating his corpse. I don’t know if this is a known bug but i thought i’d report it.

The worst thing is, in the third match his cloak just didn’t work, so that match was lost aswell. T’was a shame, a real shame.

Both of these bugs are known.

The cloaking bug is also very well known.



Aight, i was speaking out of my annoyance more than anything, but just to be sure.

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I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Sleepy lennox

Well, it seems like this is the same bug, but with another character. This may be useful info for the devs so I’ll move this topic to the one @10shredder00 showed you :smile:

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Yeah i was, thanks man! GG to you to bro, we got stomped those first couple of matches!

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