Arena and Hunters




i love Evolve, look at my playtime :slight_smile: (almost 1000h)


1.) why do you delete the dialogs in the dropship and while fighting ? (i loved them)

2.)hunters are much tooooooo fast with the planetary-scan (impossible to hide as a monster). it needs no skill to find the monster, and i think this is one of the importent parts of the game.

3.) please give us Arena mode with matchmaking <3<3<3

thank you for reading and sry for my english, i am german :DD


You should still be hearing them! Are you not getting any at all?

I think players are still getting used to this - Iโ€™ve played against monsters that hid and ran pretty well!

This is a possibility; weโ€™re still discussing what we want to do. We will definitely be adding variation into the queues though!