Arena and armour

This is an old request, made even more pertinent because of the ability for monsters to channel armour.

Please stop monsters from being able to armour up so easily in Arena. Either remove all wildlife, or make it so you can’t channel armour in Arena. Alternatively rework the domes so there are no large loops such as the north caves in Distillery. It’s ridiculous how easy monsters can, in some domes, get a down, then just go off and regain a significant chunk of armour which COMPLETELY breaks the balance of the mode.


This is my biggest grip with Arena. 80% of the domes are shit with planet-sized loop. I drop better domes by throwing my controller at the wall.


i agree with removing wildlife, but not with removing channel armour. it would be like removing the possibility to revive someone just because monsters find boring bodycamping

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No it wouldn’t, they’re not the same thing :slight_smile: It’s honestly not a good thing to try and compare monster armour to hunter revives/heals. They are two very separate mechanics that deal with two completely different contexts.

I don’t mind channelling armour being in the Arena IF the arenas were fairly constructed, even wildlife being available to eat, because both would be hard to achieve. Right now there are arenas, mostly on distillery, where it is simply too dangerous or difficult to do this. And it’s boring. That’s the thing that is the primary reason I feel this needs to be looked at.

There is absolutely nothing fun with you as hunters knowing that you can’t come back to life, one of you getting killed, and the monster then being more free than it has been to get its armour back. You know, as a team, at that point that it is GG, but the monster can string it out and just torment the hunters. It’s just boring.


With arena I don’t like that one massively behemoth favoring distillery dome.
Also it negates Wraith’s Hit and Run tactics almost entirely and makes monsters like Gorgon even more difficult than before.
The amount of body camping required is a bit boring as well, but I am not sure what can be done about that; in a way that would also keep things fair for everyone.
Same with armor channeling, I get that it’s annoying, but removing it entirely might cause some problems as well. I get why TRS has been holding back on Arena honestly, I am not sure what the best course of action is to address these things.

Execpt Arena in Legacy is pretty balanced with Jetpacks and no armour channelling. Once again TRS fixing something that wasn’t broken.