Area denial?


In the first trailer (I think its the first), when the hunters find Goliath, he spews fire on the ground and it creates a wall of fire, then he jumps in and attacks.

Can that be a thing during battle? Or something like that for another monster?


He can’t do that sadly


It looked to me like a less crazy-looking representation of leap smash.


that would be kinda cool to leave a flamebreath trail for atleast 5-7 seconds to damage anyone around there, but reallly really small damage ofcourse


Well that’s what Behemoth does with lava bomb though lol


just a fun thought cause not all goliaths aim at the ground and flamebreath doesnt last that long soo it wouldnt be an OP idea


Why should it do really small damage? FB needs a buff.


yeah i notice firebreath is useless against caira, and since charge got nerf >.> and leap smash sometimes doesnt do damage… sigh what can we do :cry:


Leap Smash is too buggy to be of use and Charge is worthless now. Fire Breath does decent damage at level 3, but Caira- heck, even Val- can outheal it. Add in a Hank or Sunny and it’s useless.


Fire Breath is Sunnys worst nightmare, it deals damage to multiple targets and confuses her shield drone, destroys the shield drone extremely quickly, and deals well enough damage in between.

Besides, Fire Breathe does fine damage, thats why I beat you guys at S2 with it at 3 points yo, its versatile (and undodgeable ^.-)


No, you beat us because it was a casual match and we aren’t that good.

And the JPB neuters FB.


Its all I ever use tho, and I get lucky with it all the time.
And lets be honest, JPB neuters everything cuz its stupidly strong :stuck_out_tongue:


Fb is great for chip damage. People just dont notice as much, but when you down that hunter thats at 2/3 - 3/4 hp just know that FB helped you do it.

I wouldnt mind if it had a shorter duration and faster dps.


Overall I think fire breath should be buffed and an area denial effect with it would help Goliath a lot, great idea