Are you related to anyone "famous?"

I’m related to King Whiskers himself and I consider him famous


Meet my great, great, great, great, great uncle, Hans Langseth.
King Whiskers, as he was called, holds the record for the world’s longest beard at 18 feet 6 inches long. His beard is at the Smithsonian!
He was born in 1846. He started growing his beard as a bet. After he won the bet he couldn’t cut it off. He would roll it up on a piece of cardboard and tuck it into his lapel. Hans spent much of his life as a farmer, but for a while, he traveled with a circus show, exhibiting his beard to the public.


I’m related to the very first human.

I’m also one of the few Mr.Talha’s in the world, so while while that do not make me famous, it do make me a part of an endangered species. Talha is actually a first name, but someone must have messed up my grandfather’s passport when he moved to Norway.


I’m a direct descendant of a Nazi scientist. For personal reasons I won’t name anyone specific.

My dad played guitar with Hilary Duff if that counts

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Wow ._. Thats uh, very peculiar.

How do you know if you’re related to someone famous? O.o

Look back on your family tree :b

With wut? O.o
(I don’t have superpowers like you >.<)

There’s websites where you can look back on people’s history, you can ask parents, grandparents, grandparents parents :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not exactly the BEST relative but… Benedict Arnold is my however many greats grampa on my dad’s side.

Oh and also my mom’s side I’m related to John Polk Cambell, the founder of Springfield, MI.

So that’s cool.


That seems too much effort sis >.<

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I know this cause my grandma keeps very detailed records of family history and shares them with me cause she wants me to keep doing it after she’s gone

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Yeaaaaaah… I’m kinda lazy too, I found out as much as one of my great grandparents served in war and wrote a book on it but the government wouldn’t let him get it published or something

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Everyone has these cool backstories… Then there’s me :cry:

(P.S. I have no problem with this >.<)

Not really “rare”, considering most germans have nazi ancestors, so all it would take is to be of german decent and have a scientist forefather/mother during the 30’s and 40’s.
Also not all nazi’s did grotesque and bad things, they just accepted and believed in them.

If grandparents count, one of them fought in the Vietam War.

And my other is a World Series of Poker champion.

I dont wanna brag but I’m purty lucky to have a family like I do.

It’s not that cool of a backstory. :stuck_out_tongue: I do have a picture of his war paper or something though


…If that’s not cool… How lame do you think I am? O.o

I am related to Albert Einstein.
Don’t ask how I know or how I have proof.

gib proof or riot