Are you ready for Battlefy 2.0?



Have you been bored playing the same old rules for the last couple months? Have you been looking to spice things up in the world of Shear? Have you been looking for that spark to come back?


So I was sitting here one night thinking how we can make things crazy and you know what I thought? We needed more phantoms. Yeah fucking phantoms. These ass kicking, blood sucking, Hunter killing, winged bastards of Shear will be showing up in Battlefy (If the tiebreaker permits it). Oh yeah, there is also some crazy ship that likes to follow Monsters around on Fusion Plant.


Not only do we have these crazy motherfuckers potentially showing up in the tiebreaker rounds, we also have a new pick system and rule revamp going forward in Battlefy 2.0. We’re introducing the survival Saturday style of picking Monsters and Hunters and changing the overall time limit, the drop ship timer and what maps are played for the tournament. My hope is that we get a good mix of some awesome games, and some new hilarious moments with the new tie breaker and pick systems.

So go ahead and give these new rules a try, let me know what you think and we’ll keep doing our best to make Battlefy an awesome place to play some Evolve.

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LOL, I just noticed these rule changes like 10 minutes ago. I like the idea of some chaos in a match.


That John Cena face xDDDD


I’ll likely sign up tonight with my guys, once we get a sub since there’s a 50-50 that our normal trapper is going to be unable to attend. The new rules should be interesting, makes it at least SOMEWHAT fair… guess it’ll be the luck of the draw on who plays what though.


Again, prizes aren’t listed so I’m not going to bother signing up. It’s not worth the absurd amount of stress and frustration dealing with the brackets and other things.


Which means the final chance to get the Neptune skin.


Great, so I have literally zero care at all to participate.


Yeah my hope is when you don’t get to pick a side you can at least throw curve ball back at the other team in the tiebreaker.

That’s fine, we’ll be introducing a new skin next week. Just wanted to get the rules down and make sure people enjoy them before we introduce a new skin.


Yeah, the “you can’t play the same character you played last time” forces some variety. No more continuous kraken matches!


I also like how they clearly define what a Top Tier Competitive Player is in the rules!


Thank you . I couldn’t thank you enough

Hope it will be added to Hunt 2.0 . I love those creatures . I love who made it . I am very disappointed phantoms ware gone



1.1.2 Use of Top Tier Competitive Players

No Top Tier Competitive Players may play as monster. They should all play as hunters.

I would be more than happy to just use behemoth :crying_cat_face:


Dean come on, you know it’d be hilarious to watch you play Hunter.

Plus I’d bet money even if you play off your main you’d still do pretty well :stuck_out_tongue:



I suspect in 9.0 TU

Gut feeling . Hunt 2.0 (15 min match ) & 1:30 for the drop ship timer

Dome will have 10 more second to recharge .

It’s a reasonable time to finish the match at that time


Dome? Did you mean Dome is 10 seconds longer or that the Apocalypse (Doom) is 10 seconds longer? :wink:


I swear I get zero respect for my hunter play.
“dean you suck”, "oh hey this team is pretty strong look at the plaHAHAHAH DEAN ON HUNTER WE WIN!!!"

I would just like to take this opportunity to say that my assault is actually not too bad. So if anyone wants a “not too bad” assault then hit me up :sunglasses:


Yeah, Zarbane can do assault great, but can’t med for shit… lol I’m worried about my boys if I don’t medic though… we’ll be doing a competition tonight in place of normal practice to decide who can monster tomorrow. You’ve gotta wipe the team in the shortest amount of time to get the slot.


I live in RF Moscow. In what time BATTLE FY bigins tommorow?


9 AM PST for regestration, 10 AM is when it actually starts. Compare your timezone as necessary.