Are you finding playing the Monster currently a bit too hard in the Stage 2 beta?

  • Yes
  • No

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Simple Poll just as a temp check of Monster players atm.


Just play Gorgon or Wraith and you will mostly win :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried to Play gorgon once, i couldnt even get stage 2 and got killed easily


Gorgon and Wraith are the easiest monsters to win as in my opinion (at least in the lower levels). Elder Kraken is very strong right now if you run cooldown because it makes its abilities almost spammable.


Gorgon relies on Speed and fast feeding for survival.

In combat some use the mimic, but that can lose you awareness of who is actually around you. I use mimic as a nuke to give extra damage so I activate it and instantly it explode it in a fight. I use it as an aoe when they are enough hunters around me. Good for finishing off people.

The mainstay of the combat I find is the web and acid. Time those two well and you’re a winner. Put the Spider trap behind you when in a fight, anyone trying to blindside you will be off on a little trip.

Last tip I’d say is caves are the Gorgons Friend. You need to be fairly aware of your surroundings all the time. If you see Hunters closing find somewhere that isn’t open fast before the dome pops.


@champ6 I did play my Gorgon up to lvl 40 :slight_smile: she is strong and you still need slightly more skill then wraith cause with wraith you can just wait for the hunters to drop and kill them right away :smiley:


Not in ranked mode, no. I have a nice 50/50 win loss ratio.


The ultimate challenge I can’t beat in ranked playing monster, is getting a game 0-0.

I’m in the UK we don’t have a shortage of servers here. It never finds one. Hunters sure… finds a Monster then, but Monster placement matches… nope.

I left it 5 minutes last night… nothing.


I never play monster, it’s at the last point on my preferences list. I still get it sometimes (more than you would think) and I just go wraith and it’s easy. Tried Gorgon yesterday, not as easy but seems op when I’m playing hunter so there must be a way.


I’ve one as MG. Lost as Kraken and Goliath, (Playing Bots a few minutes earlier I died as Wraith) I haven’t played Gorgon yet


Maybe we just need more people playing ranked mode. Especially on the hunter side.