Are you doing the Wraith a favor by killing Mega Fauna Elites?

  • Armadons
  • Megamouth
  • Nomads
  • Sloths
  • and especially Tyrants

These elites can do a ton of damage, especially the tyrants and the amount of health they have. Killing mega fauna is super risky for wraiths.

  1. They can and probably do enough damage to you to lose a bar of health even with full armor.
  2. their health health pool is so big , that by the time most of us kill the elite. hunters will already see us and shoot us, removing the chance of eating the buff and adds a risk getting doomed if you choose to commit in eating the buff. leading you fight without armor with damaged health and possibly stronger hunters as they will get that buff first.

Sotheoretically killing a mega fauna elite as a hunter means you’re likely giving the monster a free buff. One they would’ve had to payed with blood if the buff were still alive.


I’d still kill them, you want to try and deny the monster them, and the easiest way to do that is to kill them and hope the monster won’t get it before it decays


Usually if you use abilities together with your basic attacks, they die pretty fast.

Btw, the term megafauna is a bit misleading. Humans, as an example, are megafauna. Striders and Mammoth Birds would probably fit under the term as well.


Against pubs I will only take on the 4-meats if:

1). I’m way ahead of the Hunters.
2). The 4-meat is wounded already from wildlife (Dune Beetles sometimes).
3). A Hunter is dead.

I don’t play Decoy Wraith so I can’t cloak and eat, so usually if I see a 4-meat buff and I’m not in position to lead the Hunters at a 90 degree angle away from it, then I will just traverse by it and then sneak around a minute later for the buff. The Hunters may also lose your approximate position while fighting it, but this depends on the players.


Tbh, I would never engage these creatures without full armor and even then, only if they have a buff I specifically want. So overall, I would say you’re not doing me favor when I’m playing Wraith. An untimely Nomad attack would hurt the hunters a lot more than it would hurt me.


Meh with atleast two points in decoy there is very little risk. It pretty much solo’s it by itself let alone a three point decoy completely stomping it in seconds.


Laz device.


Megafauna is one word, fyi.


Lvl 3 decoy says hi




I don’t really care if the wraith or any monster gets the buffs at stage 1, and at stage 2 I’m still not all that concerned - in any case it’s always better than having them come to the relay fight kitted out in CDR or damage bonus. I’ll always try to kill as many buffs in the early game as possible.