Are we paying a lot of money to be unwilling game testers?


Hello. New to the forums, big fan of the game! But I’ve been thinking…

Considering the quite extensive issues with Behemoth (glitchy rock walls, infamous health bugs, etc.), the ongoing debate concerning tier 4 hunters being OP, not to mention the inital Wraith problems and the double mouse bug and the like, - when taking the price tags into account, when considering that some people have paid up to a hundred dollars for all of this, am I wrong to be disappointed?

I really love this game and I admire the creativity and hard work of the developers but there was a time when releasing unfinished/bug ridden/unbalanced products like this would have been regarded by the consumers as an unacceptable business practice but now it seems like most people are in complete denial mode about it? Or maybe don’t really care?

I feel like the goodwill of the gamers, their willingness to extend benefit of doubt, their developer empathy, is being exploited by people in suits who see no problem in releasing unfinished products as long as people pay up.

Do I have to pay for new hunters and monsters? No, but I don’t feel like 12 hunters and three monsters would be enough to keep me playing for long honestly. And even the inital package came with a fair share of technical hiccups and balance problems.

I don’t feel like a few free maps and game modes makes up for the price tags and I really don’t feel like any sort of price tag could warrant such buggy, unfinished DLC.

You got our money, fellas. I hope you’ll deliver.


I get your point but people complain then that they take too long and what not. Also in terms of balancing the best way to test it is top release it to the public considering there are people who find the cheapest tactics possible that the developers could have missed.


I’ve been a gamer for 25 years and I’ve never seen this time you speak of. Patches and balancing have existed for less than half of gaming history.


Aren’t people waiting right now? Didn’t we wait for a proper wraith experience? Aren’t we waiting for the Behemoth to work properly? So let them complain. People are willing to wait for a quality product (Vavle comes to mind) - I think people would rather wait a little longer for a better experience than having this.

I completely agree, there will always be bugs and glitches and issues no matter how polished the game is. But this is too much, man. I’m not blaming the hard working devs, I’m blaming the people who aren’t giving the enough time to do their work.


It’s practically the next gen and standard triple A approach these days… Many games are like this but then again in Evolves defense, the guys there want this game to succeed and do well… With the player base being inpatient for things to come the individuals at TRS and 2K work their asses off to at least get things out to us, if they seem broken or buggy it will only be temporary.
Any feedback from us is constructive, they’re behind a patch wall I believe, meaning they can’t pop them out willy nilly like indie games, there’s a much bigger curvature to it.
We get new things but they are second hand, after a polish up and the edges buffered everything will stabilise.
Patience is a virtue and we at least get hands on and can only offer our support and feedback!


So you have seen this time then :no_mouth:


Modern gaming, multiplayer gaming especially, is organic. It’s not something you can say “Here, it’s done”, it’s frankly impossible in any software testing where there are infinite combinations of technologies and interaction between those technologies to catch everything that’s going on.

I think modern gamers need to understand that they are part of a process when it comes to multiplayer games. You can join in early, and iron out the kinks with the developers, or join later when it’s smoother.

I always like to analogise online multiplayers to sport because they have so much in common. There are rules, but there are also things that go wrong. Take Formula 1. Last year a driver was left severely injured because his car crashed into the underside of a crane truck in wet conditions, a truck there to retrieve a driver who had crashed out the last lap. From that rules changes are happening…and indeed every year the landscape of Formula 1 changes, people abuse the rules and mid-season bans of technology are implemented.

No-one sits around trying to wait for sports to be “perfect”, they get involved and through that involvement and love of the sport improve it faster than if they weren’t involved.

If you want a finished experience off the shelf with no problems (and even that is pushing it) then buy a single player title, or an in-home co-op experience. Those games have the ability to test the variables and really minimise the possibility of bugs or broken strategies. We’re not in that kind of linear environment though, and we need to embrace the medium we play fully or not at all.


Game production in general is now pretty fluid where as before it used to be pretty static in the sense that a game was done and that was that.

It can be frustrating but at the same time they have made a commitment to improvement as time goes on which is nice in and of itself.


Of course games are easier to balance when they’re Simpler games with probably less than 1/3 The amount of variables involved…Surely you see this.

The game was fairly balanced out of thebox the Wraith issues were minor issues in which it was simply a BORING fight, not imbalanced…a moderately skilled team could take down a moderately skilled Stage 3 Wraith, it was simply tedious.

As far as DLC balance the only way you get that is through putting it out in the “Wild”…or do a Beta for Dlc-_- In which case you can do this yourself wait until everything is sufficiently balanced for your tastes and then buy because I sure as heck wouldn’t take the tradeoff of having to wait an extra month just because things are slightly off…

So yea we’re your balance testers Doctor, Problem solved.


Games of the early days weren’t as complex and hardware-demanding. Bugs would also often go unnoticed for smaller player bases. I know times where I had to order patches on floppy disks (and they would end up in customs where I had to argue getting them tax-free) from across the ocean.

Today we have steam, auto-patching, digital purchase - it’s all much quicker and easier accessible. And we surely expect it to be quicker and easier accessible.

And looking at the price tag, I don’t really expect to receive an Early Access build. So yeah, I don’t want bug-riddled stuff.
As for game balance - that’s a different story - I don’t expect people to have figured out what the players come up with to circumvent design b creative gameplay.


He said, or you, that “there was a time…”. I was just saying I’ve never seen a time where there was a game that didnt need those things. I followed that up by saying patches, etc, have only been around for less than half of gaming history, which these are added after the games release. The original post came across as there was a time when games released flawless.

I realize you are the OP, and as someone else has mentioned, it’s best to get the stuff to the community as they are able to test in larger numbers than the devs.


Ever heard of Gta Online Heists? People complained every day of the year and a half or took to release it with good content.


The rock walls (unfortunately) aren’t glitched. There’s certain terrain and areas it can’t build up from, do to either wildlife, foliage, ground unevenness, rocks, or downed hunters.

Your best bet for putting up a good wall is to put it right in front of you. I know, it’s difficult to get. I feel ya.


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While I agree with you at points, I also think we are holding TRS to a very high standard relative to the rest of the industry (which can be ok, but still). You want to talk about balance? Go try and play Call of Duty or any of its clones- balance has been completely abandoned in favor of manipulating a players emotions in order to make them feel like A) a badass and B) they are getting better over time. The win/loss rates TRS have for this game are razor sharp compared to the rest of the industry; DOTA and StarCraft 2 (games that came out in the time when balance still mattered to people) are the only games that are comparable right now.


OP is right, I wouldn’t mind if I had to deal with incorrect status values or one or two very situational map characters/glitches … but what we are experiencing right now, with glaring and alarming problems with behemoth and some hunters … thats what makes me question the integrity of their testers.
We all know TRS is under schedules and timelines to fufill, but sometimes releasing problematic content is more of a step back than a step foward … and as a consumer I now feel like some sort of rat lab to them.


Lol it looks like you replied to yourself


As a member of the Atari 2600 generation, I remember when games shipped with no possibility of being patched.

Things have changed for the better, and I’m glad to be a guinea pig for a new IP that’s working toward building something unique.

It’d be one thing if TRS weren’t listening, but not only are they listening, they ask for our feedback, and that’s kind of amazing.


Definitely yessss