Are we EVER going to get a fix with windowed fullscreen minimizing?

Since release this has bugged me, as well as many other multiple monitor users I am sure, and at this point the fact that is isn’t fixed is just sad.

For the love of hunting please please PLEASE fix this already. I know it sounds petty and small but this is by far the biggest gripe that I personally have with the game. You could give the Wraith triple speed and constant stealth, I will still hate this part of the game more.

they know, and… i don´t know. i am sad about this issue too. This basically should not be after a beta.

Yeah, it’s incredibly annoying.




That is a good one.

That is a bad one.

Anyway, I agree. Would be nice to get rid of it… once and for all.

In alpha and beta, I had to disable my second monitor because of this. Now I just run in full screen mode…

@MacMan @Shaners Could we get some info on whether this is in the works, or when it might be fixed?

There isn’t a program in the background taking the attention away by anychance is there? I know I had this issue and found that an unecessary program was running in the background, tabbing me out all the time. I could be wrong though, you guys might not have that kinda problem…

No. This is an evovlve problem, probably catalyst related but might as well be all gpu.

I’ve just submitted a fix for this to QA. Unfortunately, it’s too late for it to be included with the next PC hotfix you’ll receive. But if it survives the QA process, then it will hopefully be on the next one.


This should allready be logged… twice.

oooh wait, you fixed it and the fix doesnt make it into the new build. awesome! Didnt say anything. Thank you very much

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The fix was approved by QA. It will be on the next update for PC. Since my last post here, there hasn’t been an update. The timing of these updates is influenced by many factors outside my knowledge or control.

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