Are we able to play right now?


So, I am not sure if we are supposed to be able to play the game right now or not. It sort of disappeared/became unavailable from my steam library. I read that this had been an issue but It also occured just about the same time the Big alpha ended, which made me confused, especially since I read in the steam forum where people had the same issue, people commentee that it was because alpha had ended.

So, are you able to play and this is just on my end or is this the same for everyone?
If it is on just my end, how do I fix it? I tried changing my download location to the US and uninstalled it and cleaned out the steam folder etc without success.


It has been removed from your library because the Alpha is over. Nobody is able to play right now.


The same thing happened to me and I’m in the US. Attempting to launch the executable directly from the folder just brought me to the Evolve store page on Steam so I assume this is intentional until the next wave of alpha/beta hits.


All right then, That would explain it then, thank you for the fast reply.