Are they kidding about Sunny being Chinese?

According toú

It says that her descent is Chinese.

A couple of months back, I made a joke that she was Chinese and not African … and now they are saying that she is indeed Chinese?

Her full name is Sunny Yú
I’m not entirely sure but I think she might… Be chinese descent?

Yu is a surname of Chinese and Vietnamese origins. So sort of.

Pretty sure the canon has her as Chinese.


It takes a long time to even recognize the traits.

Idiots on baidu can agrue why she’s not but I will not go there.

I really do try to keep everything in one place for you guys…


Yep, Yu is a surname of Chinese. (btw, I’m taiwanese and my mother tongue is Chinese.)
This is the write of “Yu”:
these two words’s Chinese Pinyin are same as “Yu”

I’m glad TRS designed some character who is Asian, like Cabot or Sunny.
I love Cabot so much, he just f__king charmed me and made me want play Evolve. XD


Its not surprising, she does have an asian looking face. Its quite easy to see if shes on the start screen.

She’s afro-asian.


She’s blasian. Black asian

She’s adorable either way.


Guess we have our answer, straight from the author himself!

Someone needs to edit the wiki website and change her ancestry from pure “Chinese” to “Afro-Asian”


The wiki just takes it from my megathread.

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That Mini-Nuke launcher is made in China, mos def.

Half black half chinese? Sounds sexy if you ask me. Hybrids are hot too. :smiley:

Indeed :blush:

Including human-alien hybrids:

In the end…sunny is adore-bale.

You scare me every time I see you post.
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