Are they ever splitting up the game modes in evacuation?


I would love to queue for defend, but only for that. Has there been any word on this?


I think i read somewhere that theyll be adding all the other gamemodes into Skirmish but i cant remember for sure


on that note, they said we were getting new maps and game modes for free. but they havent said anything about new game modes right?


No announcement about game modes yet, but then again they did just give us T4 hunters (albeit a bit unbalanced but eh), as well as the 2 new maps (which are gonna be awesome when they finally come to PC :cry:) so who knows, maybe they have something in the works right now


I have played the other 4 mode sin skirmish? It was random or do you mean que up for it


Thats a bug, every now and then you’ll hit a defend or nest or rescue but it isnt supposed to happen (yet)


what do you mean by “(yet)”? Are you saying that in the future selecting skirmish will randomly put you in hunt, defend, rescue etc? Because that is the complete opposite of what i want, not to mention that it would be the worst thing i the world. i want o choose to queue for for either hunt or defend specifically. Not random, not evacuation.


Im gonna go dig around for some info, maybe i can find something on this