Are theree going to be any new game modes besides evac?


I have high hopes for evolve and love what I’ve seen so far im just wondering if there are going to be more game modes


I would also like to know


Eventually yes.And they will be free like the maps.


They have already said that there are 2 modes currently in the works.


Inverted Hunt…


No hints as to what it is?


11 chars


I think you mean 10 chars.


I REALLY hope they make Defend its own little gamemode and not confined to Evacuation exclusive. I don’t want to have to wait ten years just to play it. Defend looks sooo fuun.


Nope. 11. In the words of Nostalgia Critic “Because I go the one step extra!” :stuck_out_tongue:


You can choose Defend in custom games.


Of course… :stuck_out_tongue:


These game modes that are in the works are they going to be available at release?


Down the road. Free DLC though.


With the number of mutations made available during TRS’ L4D2 days, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a good assortment of game modes in our future. It’s just going to take some time 'cause I have a feeling balance + fun factor is their #1 priority :smiley:


While I agree with the fact that we’ll see many more modes, TRS didn’t have anything to do with L4D2.


I have dishonored TRS~sama, friends, and now the internet’s laughing at me!

If you need me, I’ll be eating three tubs of ice cream ;-;



It also has to do with their budget and how well they do with sales.


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