Are there Weapon FOV options?


So with the regular FOV toggle already in game and well, just wondering if there’s a config option to change the weapon FOV. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s interested in this anyway, assault and Bucket in particular have massive weapon meshes that take up half the screen…


made the title a lil more descriptive to catch someone’s attention.

i’ve been fine with the FoV so i never bothered to look for any options


PC has FOV options, but I don’t believe the console versions do.


I think that’d be considered an unfair advantage.

While I do agree that some gun meshes are simply humongous clutter on your screen, it’s simply part of the game’s design.
For some weapons, the zoom button actuall reduces the amount of space on your screen that’s used by the weapon.

Ideally, a game developer wants to have an FOV slider in his game that doesn’t alter the 1st person models, which is exactly what Evolve has.

Otherwise you risk ending up with this:


such long arms you have sir!


If it’s a size of weapons that bothers you, I think making them half-transparent would be a good option as well.


What platform are you on? Also what’s your screen size?


PC just bought a 4K monitor


Then you should have FOV sliders. Check your options menu and see what it’s set to.


evolve is friggin beautiful in 4k.


Oh he11 yeah it is!!! Trying to figure out if lowering the resolution a bit would be a balanced trade off. I need that smooth 60 for this game. 980ti dosent quite pull it off


And about the FOV issue, there’s regular FOV and weapon FOV like my friend up there explained with the clipping shoulder issue. How far away from your body is the weapon mesh. That’s what I was getting at. I wish there was an option to change that and not have it hug your cheek. Cairas nade launcher has a awesome looking lever action reload going on that is completely hidden due to how close the weapon is to our faces lol.


I wish console had this option,it’s so bad on some guns like slims gun when you aim it’s ridiculous how big it goes lol.


This would be great for scopes.

Glares at Val’s Sniper.

You too Crow!!!


You called?


if this persists for more than 4 hours. please seek developer help immediately.


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