Are there several interactive movements on the Goliath?

My question is:
How many interactive movements on the Goliath exept for…?

  • Climbing
  • crouch walk
  • Leap
  • Throw rock (mountain)
  • Punce attack
  • Charge attack
  • Fire breath

Can you guys( The Developers) add these unsless they are already in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Climb slower when you climbing for exsample a mountain wall so you dont make any sound (If Hunters are under you they will hear you climbing but if you climbing slower they cannot hear you).

  • Hanging on a ledge or middle of a mountain wall

  • Roar: i know the Goliath roar when its comming out of the cocoon, but i want to roar any time when i want. And other monster character shall be able to roar

  • be on all 4 limbs so you can hide behind a bush or something small

  • Tail swipe for smacking Hunters that are behind you away from you

  • Swim: the Goliath can use his tail to swim faster while using his limbs

Well i had more ideas for the Goliath but they disappeared:P
please comment back on what you guys think, but i kind of want to know every movements the Goliath can do.

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i got interested in this :D!

this is confirmed already in one of the videos goliath is waitin on 4 limbs (i think) and trapper comes along :dragon_face:

Yeah, check out the gameplay footage that is already out and see if you spot some of the things you’re talking about here. Sneaky sneaky Goliath. :smile:


ok, btw in one of the video, you see Griffin walking alone in a structure and the goliath is waiting on him and slash him and it does look like he instant killed him. So my question is, can monster player instant kill a lonely Hunter?

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i believe atleast incapacitate instantly like in left 4 dead that they cannot do anything it was here somehwere on another post i cannot find atm :smiley:

Maybe he should have a camouflage power that is with all the monsters.

i believe that could make it very difficult for the hunters thats why the map is looking like that so the goliath can make the most of it ( i think )

no i mean like since the monster is grey right, that if he is in a green field he is able to turn green and hide from the hunters.

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Nice idea :D! But i think some other monster could have this ability :3

yep, the Goliath is more like a tank class then stealth class

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A Goliath hiding in the bushes reminds me of this;


oh. cool. i would definitely use it all the time.

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do you like all the games i like, dood?

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@SlabOMeat do monster’s “pounce” attacks change as they level up? So if Goliath was at stage three would his still be the same as it is at stage one?

Good question

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Goliath is bigger and stronger, so it would make sense that it goes farther and hurts more as he stages up!

So is the animation different? At stage 3 does he still pin the hunters down like we’ve seen in the interactive trailer? If not could you tell us what the animations are for stage 2 and 3?