Are there not many players on XBox One?


I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but it seems like it’s really hard to find a match. I’m just playing alone, looking for random match-ups. And when it finally did find one, I was the monster…I’m level 9, and two of the hunters were level 24 and 29. Felt like I didn’t have a chance. It’s a little discouraging TBH.


I’m not having trouble. Sometimes the matchmaking is a mess though


I hope it’s not because I’m in Canada or something…it’s very odd. And I’d really rather play against people “kinda” my level, not 20 levels higher lol.


I’ve had some hard time finding matches as well. Lately I’ve been giving up and playing solo to rank up.


Given the MP focus of the game (and how easy it was to find matches for, say, Titanfall when it released…this is worrisome.


It’s really odd because I took part in the beta and had no trouble finding matches then.


Depends on where you live, really, i mean, with it being 5 AM over here in europe, barely any players xD

( PC for your knowledgement )


In my small sample size today was really weird. It took longer and I never got matched into a full match. All only had 2 or 3 total players. It was all lag free but I didnt have a single match start without a bot.


Also I’m pretty sure you don’t get matched with your own level. They’re working on ranked mode which does this.


might be that xbox players waiting on the patch so they dont lose all progress


I’m somewhat in that boat i try to play sparingly to avoid any issues but on top of that I do seem to take a whiel to find people


ive been solo bot matches to try and avoid it myself


Same here but I’ll occasionally jump into multiplayer if the search times are a bit faster depending on the time and I’m feleing lucky about not getting reset.


Bump - another night not finding any matches. Given this is a multiplayer focused game, which only needs 5 players for a match to take place, I’m really baffled by this. It’s kinda frustrating. I’m playing solo matches to rank up my monsters etc etc, but would also like to play against other humans and it just keeps searching and searching. What gives? There can’t be THAT few Xbox One players can there?


Xbl has been having issues since last night, could be the reason why. This thread was started right around the time it wasn’t functioning properly and as of a couple hours ago it was still not fully functional.


I’m in PS4 and having a slew of matchmaking issues tonight where it fails to find anybody or does find someone and boots me out with a “lobby is full” message when I was the only one in there to begin with. So maybe there’s some issues with the servers.


No theres plenty. Probably more on x1