Are there going to be massive advertisement campaings?


I don’t know if it is just me but to me it looks like not many people know about Evolve or maybe they know but are not that excited for it. Maybe its just me because I live in not that very known country (Czech Republic). So I am asking if there is going to be some sort of ad campaign in the big cities around the world or if Evolve will only depend on trailers and reviews from magazines and websites to attract more people that would buy the game.


I think word of mouth will spread this game like crazy


It is an interesting question. I’ve noticed that on most big news sites, Evolve gets a lot of flack in the comment sections when it comes up in an article. People are associating it with titanfall and destiny, not realizing that the Evolve news is based on uniqueness and success instead of excessive funding.

I’m no advertising expert, but I have a good feeling that Evolve will spread like wildfire on it’s own merits. A big ad campaign may not be needed!


Anyone who gives Evolve a fair look will realize how awesome it is :thumbsup:


Well you know how it is nowadays. People are lazier and lazier and most of them only look on the score that the game achived, I just hope that Evolve will rock on the market. Maybe it is good that there are no big ad campaings because form what I know these ads only attracted the unstable and toxic community to the game. So on the other hand it might be good to not propagate it that much and have wise and adult community :blush:


I can picture people dressing up as characters from the game and rushing into a 7-11. The cosplaying hunters would protect the Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Slurpee machine while someone dressed up as Goliath flails around trying to eat everything. They could also do a commercial about evoloving your monster, building your army of minions, and conquering territory like those stupid free-to-play game ads for the same game reskinned and with a different developer. This is modern game advertising. :confounded:

Personally, I’d rather they skip the big advertising campaign. Push the social media marketing thing rather than pushing ads on the big television networks and gaming blogging (it’s not journalism, lol) sites. Break away from the high profile disappointments of this year.

I think it’s a bit worse than that actually. Most of the bashing I see is about the amount of content and asymmetrical gameplay. I think TRS and 2K have to be really careful with how they advertise Evolve – way more careful than the average shooter being released these days. A lot of the media footage of the game looks like Rock Climbing Simulator or gives the impression of a heavy game imbalance. Personally, playing the game was eye-opening because of how different it was from what I was expecting. Success of any advertising campaign for Evolve hinges on convincing the market that it is a fun game with more depth than what is immediately apparent. You can’t just slap a couple of short action clips up online or on TV to get that across. The good news is that much of this needed content already exists but needs to be accumulated and officially promoted.


They already have some awesome trailers. Would like to see them have air time on TV. But nothing yet(So Cal).
Even though E3 and word of mouth has been helping. I hope they do full TV ads to give it a huge push.
Note: Right now, this game is an under dog out here. Still many people say,“What?” when I bring it up. Hopefully their marketing team will unleash all of this soon(with the holidays and all). It will bring in more pre-orders and more people knowing this game.


I think the big push will happen in late January, it doesn’t make sense to push during the holiday season, because people are focused on this year’s big hits, and there’s not as much ‘free’ money about with the holidays. Late January people start to have some disposable income again and their minds are on the upcoming year, and it’s a good time to drop the press push.


Yeah, makes more sense to wait until closer to release day. But, it may be wise to do a marketing push right around New Years or Christmas. I would imagine those gift cards people will be getting might be easily used for pre-orders. Of course, getting people to pay attention to advertising over family and friends is not easy. Getting them interested in the gameplay is harder. Definitely would be a good time to push ads inside the console and Steam ecosystems.


I suspect that period coincides with the official reveal of Wraith =)


It does. Why? Someone could want this game on their wishlist(after seeing it on tv). Friend, family, etc goes out and pre-orders for them as a gift.


well it’s number 4 on most anticipated. But we can never have too many people right. :smiley:


That may be true, but it’s certainly not going to be common place. I don’t doubt some advertising now would get them some sales now, but a big push after the holidays and just a couple of weeks before launch will net them much more hype.

Also, consider that advertising space is at a premium right now, so the price of advertising is much higher and there’s more noise due to all the holiday sales and bargains. Skipping all of that nets them more pure focus for less money and a more effective campaign overall.


A TV ad this time near chirstmas would probably be good for the game.

Some soccer Mom sees it and thinks “Wow, dinosaur monsters, cowboys, laser guns, little Timmy will love this and look, it’s about evolution. It’s never too early to start learning higher level science!”


Made my day thanks.


I completely agree with you. Many people I know who play games casually had not heard of Evolve when I was bragging about how awesome it was.


The word of the day is Evolve. Go and spread the word!


I’m sure they’ll start commercials in january. Holiday spots are expensive and since Evolve isn’t coming out for the holidays…


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