Are there any size chart/size illustrations for monsters in Evolve


Just curious to see how large Gorgon is compared to the others and how large are they to an average human.


There aren’t any of Gorgon currently, assuming because she’s only been recently revealed. There are others though:

Do a search for ‘Evolve infographic’ and there are some others I believe.


There unfortunately isn’t one for Wraith, nor Gorgon. Would be cool to see a size comparison between the two.



Fight me, kid.


This is the first time I’ve seen this gif used in a way I approve of. :laughing: oh my god!


So, I noticed there were some weird inconsistencies in the infographic charts, so I put them all together and did some pixel math to normalize them to average human size and recalculate monster sizes to scale. Here’s the resilt:


Wraith looks so tiny…


because she is, assuming the scale in her infographic was correct! That’s why she’s so hard to hit, I imagine. It didn’t look so intense a difference on its own, but next to the other monsters, it is striking! I suppose she does fold up in snake like coils more than other monsters as well.


i watched ghostrobo’s gorgon vid and she is taller than goliath it seems.


Look at Behemoth raising his arm to appear taller. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just used that image because the details were filled in. I double checked the numbers with the one where his arm is down, and measured from his back spikes (since they go above his head). The proportions should be correct!


Lmao he died to a mammoth bird again!!!


haha. maybe i’ll include this information when i do the monster databases later on :3


just realized this. but the image with Goliath / behemoth shows a different character model for him. he looks more like a large Golem than a rolling rock monster he became.

interesting to notice.


How is Kraken taller than Behemoth. Isn’t Behemoth supposed to be the tallest? I thought the sizes went as so


From smallest to largest.


You already kinda answered your question.

Behemoth is supposed to be the bigger/largest.

Not the tallest. He’s much wider than any other monster (31ft wide)


That happened to another Gorgon player on the live-stream


Wraith be like “with my size, you don’t need to give a f*ck”.


It must really hurt when your hit by an 8 something meter kraken

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