Are there any PS4 competitive players out there

I’ve been playing since the first day getting paired with an endless amount of randoms who are either useless when it come to heals running off by themselves or oblivious to trapping the monster it never ends I am looking for a good GROUP of players that play on the regular and a good/great at the game as hunters I mainly play assault or trapper but I have been dabbling in healer as well but if you have a good group of people you run with and you need a 4th im here please reply help me obi-wan Kenobi your my only hope

Feel free to add me man PSN: Divine__Demon (its a double underscore) i also believe theres a thread called “Grimdon” where ppl go to pick up hunters, almost like an LFG site.

yea I know about it might check it out I sent a friend request