Are there any plans for a server patch?


I constantly get disconnected from my friends when I try to play this game with them. I can play other games just fine, this has been happening since the DLC dropped, literally the same day I started having this problem, would be nice to hear from a Dev about if they are working on a patch to help with all the server issues people are having…

I play on Xbox by the way


Feel for you bro I’m on Xbox :video_game: too


It lasted over 3 weeks where I could not play hunter with my friends and could barely play monster, it’s been a lot better the last few weeks, but it is still buggy as hell and still experience a lot problems, someone said mid may should be a patch or something, is this still planning on happening? Because I want to get my kraken ranked higher but if I win 8 games but only get a win for 5 of them, it makes it a lot harder for me to do this…