Are there any more monsters planned?


I love the design of monsters. Do you guys plan to make any more new kinds of monsters or just going to make alot more mutations on the current pool of 5 monsters?


Who knows, if Evolve Stage Two goes really well, then maybe! Just guessing btw. :bucket_salute:


That would be nice, monsters tend to change the landscape of the game more significantly than hunters.

Apropos, I never asked, how much will the game cost ? When will we get to know that ?


The game will remain free to play but incorporate micro transactions to make money.

A lot of games do this.


Like our friend above said, it will be free, forever!! :smile:


I wonder what we will get with micro transaction. They kinda gave everything to us already… more skins? AI modes? I rly wonder :thinking:


Ok so rephrase, when will the transactions be implemented ?


I’m not a Dev, so I don’t know, sorry :open_mouth:


Oh ok, nvm then, saw a highlighted title and thought to pop the question.


Devs have the orange username and Mods have the blue one. :smile:


Roger that. Gotta close up shop and go check the new map. How many more matches have to take place ?


Devs mentioned something about a Merman


I think it will work like Smite. There will be some skins that can be bought with keys, and some premium skins that require some other currency that can only be bought with real money, or you could get small amount of it as a sign in bonus.

There could also be a “chest” system with different rare skins and such like in Overwatch. You can earn these occasionally, or pay money to get them.

There could also be different cosmetic options that can be unlocked like voice packs, announcer packs, card art, music themes, etc. Nothing that affects gameplay, just cool stuff to show off.


I still wish for a dragon monster and adamantly refuse to acknowledge Goliath as one.


sentry gun monster?



Dota 2 is the most free game you can play and it has everything gameplay related already unlocked.Abd it makes millions


Like a Brumak?


where is that from


The Gears of War series.


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition