Are there any Evolve players left on Xbox?

Fired up Evolve the other day, and ended up sitting in a Hunter lobby for half an hour. I watched as single players occasionally joined and then left, but a full team was never compiled in that entire period of time. I wish there was more traffic on the game. I know I can go play against the AI, but it’s just not the same :’(

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Matchmaking is kinda… broken right now.
(Nice way of putting it)


There are a lot. Try joining an evolve group on Facebook. If you post there you can find people to play with


Ugh this game has always had matchmaking issues on the Xbox

Any specific suggestions for a group?

You can always post here if you’re looking for people. I’ve added a ton of people from here and it’s not too difficult to find at least one or two others to play with (a full group of 4 or 5 doesn’t happen nearly often enough though). Usually if you can find a few people they will introduce you to others and it branches off from there.

turwaith86 if you want to add me.


Thanks, I’ll add you :slight_smile:

Xbox One Evolve Community has almost 2000 members and people post every day. Some of the Devs are members too

Do they play a lot though?

The people on the page? Yeah. The page is used to share info on the game and find people to play with

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I’m usually on a decent amount. The past week has been rough though with classes back in session. Add me if you want (LurknAsn). @turwaith and I actually play together a good bit. Would be nice to add another regular to the group.


Can you give me a link to the page?

Awesome! I’ll add you as well

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Thank you!

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I play at odd times but feel free to add me: billpa317

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All I can say is hop on this weekend when Meteor Goliath is out and the game is free for all because there will be plenty to play with. What TRS/2K have noticed is player base spikes when anything new is added to the game so what I assume they will do is make new variations of monsters very regularly to keep interest. This is because the time taken to create a new variation of monster as to a whole new monster/tier is far less. That way it will keep the player based sparked and should provide decent matchmaking .


Yeah I’m excited for this weekend for that very reason!

Bro you’ve been on my friends list forever. I’ll shoot you an inv

Matchmaking as a hunter has been easy for me on Xbox so far, I usually find a full team in about a minute or two, so I have the time to find people that have actually beat their placement matches.