Are the tier 4 hunters OP? State your case thread (don't fight amongst each other)


I want responses that support what they say. You see, I am unsure of their stance, so I’m asking for people that have a rather good way of stating whether or not they are OP, UP, or balanced. Thank you :thumbsup:

My conclusions on the 4th tier of hunters and their current state

Sunny and Torvald, yes.

Don’t wanna argue here, I did it in the Sunny 2.0 thread


I’m not gonna argue with you. This thread is for you to state your case and go. Don’t fight with other people. Just stand by with what you say. So what about those two? Are they UP or OP? And why?


Sunny, Torvald, Slim… Yes

Why play your role when you can let a drone do it and join in the assaults role of being Primary Damage because thats exactly what medics/trappers/supports do… they become an assault xD


Slim doesnt do that much healing, and if the target he bugs takes damage the bug goes away. I will agree with Torvald and Sunny tho, Sunny feels a lot like pre-nerf cabot. Turtle Rock needs to figure out a way to stop torvald from aiming up and spraying mortar right in front of him haha


very OP. In fact, I would say it’s Space OP.


Of course Space is OP. Space is infinite O,O


Torvald feels he does to much damage. On the rest not so sure I would like more playing time still.


Sorry, I did not want to be offensif.

I copy past you my quote so :

Continuing the discussion from 2.0 SUNNY Discussion!:


Sunny: Shield drone is easily replaceable and takes almost no time to recharge
Mini-nuke reload is a tad quick
Torvald: Too high damage for such a low reload on mortars, literally no penalty for missing as another volley is ready in no time.
Slim: Damage is much too high for a Medic, I should not be making assault level damage.
Heal burst is too strong for its spammability.
Crow: Gobi is a tad bit spammable


He said it all


Dang O,o

10 chars


No. They may need small tweaks here and there but overall I think they have their pros and cons.


Not really people just need to adjust I see a lot of cons to exploit. Sunny shield is less effective than hanks and torvald still does less damage than Parnell despite his mortar. As for slim, he really can’t save anyone who’s being focused. They seem pretty ok right now.


no but he sure can revive them while sniffing the monsters butt with his leech gun healing burst with reload speed combo


with torvlad is easyliy do 30k throuhg 55 k parenell mostly 20 k


Sunny feels the most OP of all hunters released so far esecially against Goliath who lets face it is already weaker then Kraken why do you say? Its all about combination:

Sunny+Griffin+Val/Caira+a good assault maybe Torvald/Hyde

Sunny can boost the Trapper and the other teammades so far its not
really possible for a monster especially goliath to get away. Griffin
will stop the leaps and with Vals slow walking dosent bring you anywere
and on stage 1 any good team will just tear the monster appart not fun
with no chance to get away without losing a lot of health.

So in combat you cant kill anything beside Sunny cause of how
retarded the jetpack boost is as a goliath your really in a bad
position. So you are forced to focus sunny. Then just kill her you say?
She is just like hank kill her then the rest. This however is much more
complicated then killing hank cause of her shielddrone it shields the
last person who got dmg aka sunny killing the drone dosent do anything
cause it has NO CD and will be back up instantly again and already
absorbed a lot of dmg. Switch the target so that gets shielded then
switch back to sunny etc to do dmg against sunny then? This dosent work
aswell cause first you lose dmg from switching aka harder to kill then
hank and the drone swiches back to sunny before you even apply dmg. For
example sunny was shielded i then hit the trapper he was shielded i
pulled out a rock and throw it at sunny i hit her she flies away but the
drone targeted her right as the rock hit and the dmg was done to the
shield not sunny wtf…

Her dmg is good but thats not the problem with her the ability to
deny the monster to get away and get your teammates to the monster fast
combined with insane survivalbility for both teammates and herself makes
her the most op hunter out of all.


And that results in a strike.


Numbers State Parnell still does most damage


Slim needs a minor boost to his healing output. His spore-gun launcher should have a smaller cloud. Right now he’s bad at healing but the spore-gun pretty much denies kills because it’s hard to see Hunters in a haze of green particles without sniff.

Sunny’s Mini-nuke gun needs to be dialed back on the damage. It’s nearly as fast as Cabot’s railcannon pre-nerf and does more damage. Yes it’s supposed to be harder to hit, but come on. Nobody will ever miss with that thing. Ever.

Torvald…Hmm. I feel like his Mortars need to be nerfed somehow. They do obscene amounts of damage in a few seconds…I really don’t know. Something needs to be tweaked there.

Crow seems fine. Nothing I’d really change for him, to be honest.


Agreed with this, not a too strong NERF on sunny nuke though as it is difficult to hit sometimes, main reason Cabot was ridiculous was because of shooting through walls also