Are the pillars that hunters like to sit on going to be changed?


Just wondering, cause it’s a pretty cheap tactic. I heard that something was going to be done, and I just want to make sure that’s still the case.


From playing experience with the new maps, it has been changed.

Less small individual terrain ledges and less open area for the hunters to abuse. Multi-leveled areas such as Foundry have been added and provide more of a challenge to less skilled hunters. There are still a few perches, but they are more situational to the hunters and provide the monster with a good section of LoS for kiting if need be, but that also applies vice-versa.

Older maps have their hotspots for both Monster and Hunters alike, but the newer maps seem far more balanced than their predecessors.


My question is whether the old maps will be changed to reflect this.


I don’t believe they should be changed. Each monster as a nice little niche that they can all play to in each map aside from Behemoth. I’m not usually a monster player unless I’m playing a closed session with friends, but I’ve been caught in crappy situations where I got screwed on Kraken in a cave, or I got screwed in a giant open area on Wraith, or even I got stuck in a really hilly area with Goliath. But almost every map has its special spot for each monster to dominate at. Caves for Goliath, Hilly areas for Wraith, and Wide Open for Kraken. All of which seem to flow together really seemlessly. Play towards your Monster or Hunter’s weaknesses and you’ll have an automatic advantage. Just know where you are and where you need to go next.


It’s a problem for all monsters, except for Wraith. And these pillars (specifically on Dam) are right next to the relay, making it nothing but an advantage for the hunters. Maybe it’s just one of those “git good” cases.


I feel like the Words “Monsters”, “Hunters” and “advantages” are being used incorrectly by multiple people…

Or its the lack of sleep fooling me…


yea the dam is very cheap. take sunny and torvald and u can just camp at relay, easy win against behemoth and goliath. on armory are also pillars but hunters cannot stand on these, they can fix this easily.


lol yeah, You’re obviously not as tired as me.


made a thread about it here: So i dare to ask the question
devs said its going to be fixed in a future patch


Yeah I remember that, just had my doubts on this being fixed for some odd reason.


well lets hope the fix is in the title update next week


No it’s not.

Hunters on pillars requires you to actually play well. and not just faceroll your keyboard as (insert monster here). as goliath you need to practice those traversal melee hits. as wraith the same. as kraken you gotta time your vortexes / aim your banshees/lightning strikes. as behemoth you gotta aim the tongue. or lavabomb.

hunters on pillars are harder to kill because thy use the terrain. did you ever stop to think that whenever you as a monster, is running circles around a dome with your superior movement and traversal speed compared to hunters, to avoid damage. you’re being cheap ?. no. is it annoying? yes, is it hard to deal with as a hunter? definately. but it’s a valid tactic, one that can only be overcome with good play on everyones part.

If you can’t beat hunters who use pillars, then you need to work on your monster game, because then its subpar at the very best.


I personally think it does give the hunters an advantage and is not a “get good” situation so much as a “get better so you can wreck them for being noobs” situation. They are going to take it out though according to a dev, I think it was @MajorLeeHyper who said it.


I see people saying Goliath and behemot have nothing to counter, they do in fact and can easily down a team people just dont time or use ability’s well in those conditions


Or, just wait for the devs to fix them.

Hunters standing on tiny pillars are effectively floating in midair permanently, something jetpacks were designed to specifically not provide. It’s an obviously broken tactic, exploited (and defended by) weak players.

As for monsters running around domes, without that they’d be guaranteed to die in their first dome in most games. Monsters not giving hunters a free win every game is cheap? Interesting.


Yes. The Devs have said that they will be changing these. As the question has been answered, I will now close this thread :slight_smile: