Are the Monsters weaker?


I don’t know if it’s just me… but something seems drastically off.

During Beta/Alpha I could evade fights and have relatively fun fights that weren’t overly one-sided.

But since the release, I don’t think I’ve won the majority or a 50% amount of my monster matches… The hunters seem ridiculously strong early… I have a few issues with playing as Goliath, but my biggest kicker right now is Kraken… I can NOT win with Kraken, either he’s not doing enough damage to any one or doesn’t have enough control in the air to actually evade pursuits.

None of this may make sense… but it just feels like Kraken got shit on with release, I don’t remember him being this easy to take down and clumsy while in the air.

Maybe it’s just me. :frowning:


You might just be playing against really good teams from the beta and alpha who haven’t gotten placed where they should in the MMR.


I hate to say it but its just you. Kraken and goliath received no changes after the beta (other than a small tweak to goliaths rock throw). Wraith got nerfed a little but I still think she might need more.


Think they just have a much higher learning curve.

I am just not skilled enough to play a monster, so I don’t. Tried, but I just lost, lost, lost, lost, lost and then lost a few more times all in a row, and gave up on it.

It’s too hard for me. I am content just playing hunters though.


You are probably dealing with what I am dealing with. I play a few rounds with PUG teams that seem alright, and we get the Monster to about 30% - 50% or so before we get murdered. The Monster seems really strong to me because I keep fighting players that are much better than me, so it skews my impression of it.


Yeah… I don’t even know it just seems really damn one-sided sometimes.

I’ve made comeback kills like that happen, but this is just ridiculous.


God I hope so… I’m getting tired of Bucket’s shit.


I personally think people are just much better overall. I’m having trouble making space to Evolve pretty often now.


Monster has a very high learning curve for sure and so do the hunters. There have been times where I have totally stomped a n00b team of hunters and other times where I face against a group of guys who know what they are doing and using all their skills to the max. I have also dropped a few monsters in the first two minutes of the match because the monster didn’t know what they were doing and got rolled by a good team of hunters.


Opposite feeling for me here. I’ve win against wraith 4 out of 5 matches.


you shouldnt give up, youll come around


Fewer people had Abe in the beta, none in the Alpha. Abe v. Kracken is a reaaaaaally difficult fight. Its incredibly hard to move fast enough to get out of tracking dart sight.


I think Abe is the one with the statis grenade as well right?

Fuck that weapon… I can’t get anywhere with that shit and I can’t destroy it…


Yep, if you get stasis’d and tranqed you’re pretty much out of a job, alright.