Are the monsters sapient?


The monsters are undoubtedly very smart and strong. However are they sapient? Or are they just keen predators out to eliminate humanity because we threaten their survival?


Very interesting question. I would argue they are not sapient…EXCEPT, the power relay! Why else would they go for that, I mean, really?

@MaddCow really loved winning that way though so… :wink:


They’re smart enough to control a fight against technologically advanced aliens, so yeah I would say they have sapience. They are bent on destroying the planet and any resistance they find, but that’s just a goal, not an indicator of intelligence.


… You mean sentient right?


True, I loved to murderize that power relay. And by power relay I mean the Hunters. And by murderize I mean eat :smiley:


Sentient = able to feel
Sapient = able to judge


Yes, precisely. And by asking if they are sapient, you’re basically asking if they engage in philosophy. I’m pretty sure you meant sentient.


Oh my. I have to draw the Kraken posing the same way as a philosoraptor.


Well I’m trying to ask if they have higher intelligence, like humans.


They seem fairly intelligent, but they seem to be acting on the behalf of a hivemind of some sort. They certainly do not lack cunning, that’s for sure. I think that’s a question for the devs though.

@SlabOMeat, @MacMan ?


Far as hunt goes they try to destroy a generator, ignore wildlife to go after survivors, and destroy the exact pieces of technology that will destroy the barriers and then the ship, if they are a hive mind then the creature in charge is intelligent at least.

And they could be as intelligent as us, but not need tech, when Wraith can port them anywhere, and they’re strong enough to survive without weapons/armor


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The 504,213,432,402,031,325,945th meme, to be exact.

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Here’s a good model for reference, it may not be a philosopher but it sure is majestic!


Impressive that he seemed to be able to still hunt and eat some stuff like that


“Wait, what if I used aftershock whilst I’m not in the air?”


Sapience and sentience are often used interchangeably.


OLA, this one is SORT of addressed in game. Maggie says “It’s just as smart as we are, but there’s more of us”. I would be led to believe the monsters think in a manner that is human like, and able to plan. As you may note in the canon backstory for Val, it’s mentioned another colony fell off the map when the monsters attacked, and are not moving onto Shear. The best analogy I can give for these guys is the Crites from Critters. These monsters have human intelligence, and maybe have the smarts to send a starship on a one crash course on a preprogrammed route to take them to a new world to feast on, but they have neither the inclination nor the need to create high level technology themselves.


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