Are the Monsters really...genetic mutants?


So, I had a theory that the monsters are not quite as alien to Shear as most believe. It first occurred to me when I was working towards unlocking Kraken. Seems like so long ago now that I have all the elites, but that’s besides the point. I noted that the Mammoth Birds and Kraken both had dinosaur-like features and attacked via a powerful jolt of bio-electricity. But, at the time, I couldn’t think of other connections for Goliath and Wraith, so I blew it off as coincidence.

I rolled it around in my head, but then I heard the sounds the Dune Beetle made…if you listen to their attacks, and warning sounds, they make sounds that are remarkably similar to the Wraith’s movements and shrieks. It even beared a similar jaw structure. So I got to thinking more. I was playing Goliath, and I noticed something that further supported my theory - The Stage 1’s Goliath’s claws are hooked! Much like…a sloth. The Crowbill sloth also shares a similar sitting position with a sneaking Goliath, and both can create explosive bursts when they slam the ground hard enough.

But I wasn’t sure of it enough, and I realized that the monsters may not be genetic mutations of just a singular animal, but rather two or more. Let’s look back to the Wraith, shall we? We noted its similar appearance to a Dune Beetle sure, but what about it’s more feminine qualities? Simple. The Wraith’s second ‘donation’ comes from humans. The Kraken gains wings from Batrays and/or Harpies. The Behemoth primarily draws from the Armadon, but it’s rocky exterior may have been taken from an assimilated megamouth.

But what about Goliath? Goliath doesn’t seem to draw from any second creature! Unless we vaguely include the Reaver for it’s vaguely simian movements, or the Tyrants for it’s back spikes and large tail, there seems to be no logical ‘pair’ for the mighty Goliath.

Oh, but that’s the magic of it. Goliaths don’t need a second creature. That’s why it’s far easier to reproduce them as minions than Krakens, Wraiths, or Behemoths. The only reason there would need to be a second creature for a Goliath was if it was intended to become an Alpha.

So, what’s causing these mutations? Maggie reported that, on Factor, she saw a ‘monster that made other monsters’ and monsters that have never appeared on Shear!! She ALSO mentions that Shear exports a lot of wildlife. Could Megamouths and Armadons be exported? Who knows. It is currently my only reason for Behemoth’s presence on Factor.

As for the breeder monster, it may be that it is the only TRULY alien creature to the Evolve universe. It may be, that, like a rat, it carries an interdimensional virus. This virus reacts dynamically with any of the wildlife found in our dimension, causing it to mutate into…the Monsters! This could explain why, in Nest Mode, we don’t see the corpse of a Goliath minion after destroying the eggs - the eggs are really pods for genetic rearrangement, shifting a few things here and a few things there, to create the monsters.

What do you guys think? Any plotholes I missed? I just wrote this down, so I’m sure there’s gottta be something I’m missing. But I think I might be on to something big in the monster lore here!


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When did she say that. As far as I know she only saw the breeder and Bob.


I would’ve said behemoth was more like a megamouth because of the same mouth and part of their body is rock


Back on topic- if they really are mutants, it would explain a lot of things:


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When you said the alien creating aliens like a rat with a virus, I immediately thought teenage mutant ninja turtles.
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Kraken is Donatello
Wraith is michaelangelo
The alien breeder is master splinter


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My cosplay of gametheorist involved talking about the theory of monsters being mutants built by basilisk. But now that you displayed your theory. I can come to the conclusion that there most likely not man-made but alien-made. Atleast from what your theory explains. So they are indeed mutants.


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Sounds like my old Krankanitor thran’ insert species here. Infectious creatures mutating anything they touch into monsters. Though in that case the end always eventually became the original form the disease creature hybrid. Could be a monster visits the planet and just started a world ending plague. Just bringing the wraith trap wraith could cause it.


This is actually a really fun theory I’ve kicked around a bit myself. Think about Slim, who became the way he is due to genetic splicing/fusing with insects. What if the monsters were all originally humans, but were experimented on (willingly or unwillingly) into the monsters? There is some evidence from Turtle Rock that can support that the monsters are mutated humans, in fact. Look at this original concept art for wraith.

Maybe I’m crazy, but to me, that looks a lot like someone got mutated while inside some sort of suit. You can even vaguely see the person’s skull.


It was concept art, doesn’t mean anything for late game design. ^.-


Not necessarily. Concept art is more often than not based on the lore of the “universe” of the game. While this concept art could be completely unrelated, we can’t just say with certainty that it has nothing to do with the game’s lore. Just because it’s an early concept doesn’t mean it’s not a hint.


I don’t see it likely that the monsters are genetically altered humans.

But it would be interesting, if they were like the gen 1 basilisk soldiers in some way.