Are the monsters killers?


I heard a while back that monsters don’t want to kill people, but they get in the way of the Patterson tech. But why are they slaughtering people in Rescue mode? I thought maybe they know how to make Patterson tech and maybe they have to be killed. I don’t honestly know. So I wanted to know what you guys and gals thought.


According to Kala, they are evil. They like fear. They like to kill. It’s their purpose.


But yeah, Matt with a few of the hunters (I think Caira, Abe, Griff or Crow) have mentioned that they’d happily leave the hunters or anyone alone if they could just destroy their tech. If you get in the way, that’s when they kill you. So just give them the muffins damnit!


Rescue is what proves the idea since it shows humans being left alone.
######Never credited for my awesome Matthew quoting.


I’m not sure what I like the sound of more; bloodthirsty monsters born to kill, or just big animals wanting to stop people ruining planets


I certainly believe so. I don’t understand why they would have the adaptation for all those abilities (super long teeth, claws, horns, and size) if they weren’t killers. I believe they are feral savages, not the passive beings many people misunderstand them to be. Monsters were designed to kill, and they certainly don’t need fire breath for hunting!


Are they killers? Short answer: Yes. They kill people, that’s the definition of a killer.

Longer answer: You don’t like wasps. Some build a nest directly on your door. You could just throw a rock at it and smash the nest, but the wasps will attack you and may just rebuild the nest. Therefore, you use insecticide, purposely made to kill wasps, to wipe them out. The product (nest/Patterson tech) is directly tied to the cause (Wasp/human), so wiping out the cause is the best method to eliminate the product.

Side note: Screw wasps. I hate them so much.


who doesn’t? (other then those weird hippies who think insects have free thinking minds.)


Maybe they like their meat well done? :tara_erg:


A predator’s heart knows no remorse.


The monsters are not evil. The humans are evil. The monsters are like the guardians of the Universe and they discovered humans when they used a warp to get from one system to another. I have a theory that the monsters are able to warp as well and that they can detect disturbances in the fold of space like a warp would cause. Once they had detected the ripple they would find the cause of it (like the wasps) and see what it was. When they looked at the humans they didn’t like them at all so they decided to exterminate us like the wasps.


Also wasps are easily avoided if you just don’t screw with them


Oh my god yes


Their only purpose is destroying the Patterson devices…when they destroy them all…what now.


Leave and move on to the next planet with PatTech.


And when they destroy all of them ?


they take naps!


Decommissioned, most like.


They conquer the universe.


What till another intelligent species arises and develops the technology.