Are the Hunters too boring to play?


There is a discussion on Torvald being anti-fun, but can the same be said for the other Hunters? Trappers arguably take the most skill since you have to keep lanes covered for the monster and then place a dome in a good spot. But what about the other classes and even certain Trappers?

Crow seems boring. Spam your falconry and find the Monster every time.

Sunny spams the boost so that the Monster can never escape.

Then Hank just whittles away at a Stage 1 Monster while Caira spams health clouds to prevent all except Stage 3 Monster damage.

Compared to the monster there is no skill involved apart from positioning. Do you have to aim any of the abilities? Not really, only a few of the guns, and on console there is auto-aim so it is easymode most of the time.

The Monster has to hit all of his shots, a single missed hit can lose the game against an average team of Hunters. While the Hunters can make multiple mistakes and continue to spam abilities for the win.

It seems clear there is a major imbalance issue. So would the best fix be to force actual aiming onto the Hunters? Sunny needs a major nerf, but just having a change to mechanics would make it much harder to boost. If she had to aim the Hunters wouldn’t be able to traverse the map as fast as the Monster, nor could Caira limit 90% of damage and Hank 100% while spamming his weapons which are more powerful than any Monster abilities.

I realise the game is based around RPG and strategy elements, but a lot of the shooting skill is lost in the spammable mechanics.


Not really, for example it’s odd that you’ve lumped Crow in with the boring, then talked about needing skill…of which Crow is the definitive skill shot trapper of the bunch. :stuck_out_tongue:


The only hunters I find boring are Caira, Sunny and Markov, Caira is nothing but nonstop healing grenades, Markov just doesn’t have anything really fun about him, and Sunny completely removes the hunt feeling from the game.
Everyone else is pretty fun ^.^
(Except Torvald against Behemoth, at that point I just feel like an asshole cuz they die so fast)


But you’re creating a strawman. I didn’t say Crow takes no skill at shooting, I said his skill at Trapping is significantly lowered due to his spammable falconry skill. That is a significant difference.

This post was about spammable abilities and lock-on weapons lowering the skill-gap.


Oh, es, I meant to mention Markov. I’m a new player but my understanding is that Markov’s Lightning Gun received a nerf. Rather than reducing damage and range (don’t know the specifics, just guessing at what they did), would it not be better to force the Lighting Gun to require aiming. If it were more like Hyde’s Flamethrower it would be a much better and balanced weapon requiring skill.

Simply holding down a trigger and looking in a general direction gets pretty old and is unfair to Monsters who have to hit spot on and predict all of the dodging.


Crow is more than just his trapping though, if we’re going to talk “strawmen” :wink:

Also I generally disagree that using Gobi is just about “spamming” it anyway, but I’m not here to fight, just disagree :smile:


Lightning Gun hasn’t been touched, only his mines.
I think that the Lightning Gun is fine with autolock since it really doesn’t do a ton of damage.
The Flamethrower does a lot more damage at the cost of needing to be aimed, and adds even more with the burn

I think most hunters are in an OK place really, only 3 have overly spammy abilities (Caira and her nades, Sunny and her Drones, Torvald and his mortars) but thats just my opinion.


I would tend to agree with you on that. Not suggesting Markov or Crow are overpowered, only that their abilities are just spammable and kind of boring.

For Crow I think it would make sense to have some sort of signal like the carrion birds flying, highlighting a spot where Gobi sees something, rather than outlining the Monster.

And if I’m not mistaken, competitive games are now 65-75% in favour of the Hunters, so some changes should likely be made. I think around 55% would be good to keep the Monster’s challenged, but right now the play shows significant favour to the Hunters where they charge in without fearing the Monsters at all until Stage 3, when they can generally hide in a corner much like the Left 4 Dead glitch spots.

It just seems backwards, just like Battlefield 4 where the lock-on and spammable weapons make players charge at vehicles for an easy kill. In Evolve it’s like the Hunters are the feared Monster now.


I think the Hunsters are boring to play as it is now. Especially with Caira/Slim and Hank/Sunny on the team. I was working an getting Sunny elite and she makes the hunt and fight really easy. Also a half decent Torvald takes down a monster without it feeling like a battle.

They seem to be aiming at the wrong group for balancing.

I feel that they want to cater to the new players and non premade teams, so they stand a chance against a decent monster. But now it is so that a good monster will always fight an uphill battle against half decent teams.


Say what you will, but I find it hilariously fun to play Hyde, though that might have something to do with me being obsessed with him.
Abe’s really fun too, imo.


I would agree. But aren’t those two all about aiming? Which kind of adds to my original point.


To be honest, I’d rather hone my skills and learn aim rather than sit there bored as hell just not needing to aim


When people say Torvalds anti fun, they’re mainly talking about for the monster players. For hunter players he’s terrifically fun, which is part of the problem


A guide for hunters to not be boring:

Step one: Get the role that suits you best.
Step two: Experiment all the hunters that satisfies your need for fun.
Step Three: Play that hunter until you get the ropes down.
Step four: Gather up some friends for more fun and more wrecking.
Step five: Turn elite and then join ESL!

Don’t forget to experiment and get used to other hunters because having just one hunter that you’re good with won’t cut it.


The Lightning gun got a slight adjustment before the game released. The gun required less aiming in the beta, but thats the only “nerf” that hit the LG.


I feel like this is the only way Evolve will regain it’s ‘fun’ for me. But doing this will take away fun from my life in general lol


Most likely, huh? Well… I’m not sure what’s the last step lol


Yep, I’ve said a dozen times already but TRS is gonna have to pick which side to cater to and then stick with it. Trying to appeal to both groups at the same time is making balances and updates useless.


In general to the OP:
You get a lot more out of the characters once you play the game more. For instance Maggie at first seems like she only has 3 abilities and spends a lot of time following an AI, but after you learn what you are doing you spend more and more time leading Daisy.You need to manage her. Assaults also seem like the initial vanilla choice but against good monsters its hard to land consistent damage and a good assault can mean the difference between destroying the monster and getting crushed yourself.


I think they should’ve made It that if Gobi sees the monster then he follows it for 10 seconds at least which would make it less spammable. Also does anyone else think that his stasis gun is really frustrating to use