Are the hunters over powered


I was watching YouTube the other day and I noticed that the hunters were winning all most constantly I love this game and pre order it but they are little op to me


Read this page, the game is balanced later on once everyone knows how to play, but starting out, the monster players don’t usually know what to do or how to play so matches played by anyone but devs will not accurately reflect balance


‘Tears hair out’


It’s also worth mentioning that Kraken is a tier two monster, which means it takes more time to unlock it’s true potential than the first tier monster Goliath. Kraken also has less health and armour than Goliath, so it will die a lot faster if it isn’t played as it’s supposed to; which is in the air where it will avoid weapons like the lightning gun and flamethrower.

In short, no. The hunters are not overpowered.


i think its the thred “is Laz overpowered” where we did get into a debate about this and trs has done a amazing job at balancing i will grant the monster has a harder learning curve because the play style is different where fps are a dime a dozen. every match i have seen the monster lose i would always see them do something like get in the face of the hunters with kraken witch would make there weapons easy to do damage on him or fly to far or high there skills where near impossible to hit even the devs match that ends right before the leap of the goliath (btw hunters win if you watched Markov put mines down so even if he feel the goliath would have as well but he would have had incap time) he was not a lvl 3 yet nor did he eat enough to get full armor imo its little things that i see that do the monster in. my favorite for a example is where Swifter vs team Kc and swifter gets caught in the dome the first time around the tower and just keeps out of range using the tower taking littile damage gets out and then gets stuck in a cave and uses the cave walls then to keep the hunters off him doge flying left then right when a megamouth jumps in the hinters got so many strikes but then he armors up at stage three and goes after the generator but just spends a lot of time down with the hunters even getting into that cave just to the right of the generator and not focusing on laz but hyde and loses i was pulling my hair saying why why did you do this you had the match in the bag if you just played it smart. anyways hunters are not op people for a while are going to be slower on the monster because its new but with practice i will see noam noam noam


Not trying to be rude, but that would be a lot easier to read if you used capitals and commas where they’re needed


meh your not English or grammar in general i have never been good at lol been writeing story’s for the hunters and monsters in the community section and it takes me so long because i have to to spell check so much and try to make sure it reads ok. So yea sorry boss i talk like a champ but cant write for my life


But they are pros


That’s a good thing! People are going to be playing the game for a long time, becoming pros and learning each characters play-style. If TR are testing the games as pros now, then they’re getting a good idea of what they game will be like in the future


Would you rather it be balanced for people who have no idea what they are doing or would you rather have it so that the better you get, the more the game balances? Do you only plan to play like 5 matches? If so, then yes, the balancing for you will be terrible lol


Point made


It is important to note that current footage isn’t the final build of the game. There is plenty of time for balance adjustments if they are needed. For example, it was discussed on Reddit that Lazarus’s cooldowns in those videos were lower than intended. TRS knows what they are doing - I’m sure it will be really well balanced. Also consider how much people are used to FPS and not used to being a giant monster in 3rd person. When people get used to it, things will be less one sided. (look at the dev matches at E3 on twitch. those monsters are beastly good.)


Definitely this. Plus, Evolve is still alpha, so nothing you currently see is final. (That doesn’t mean they’re going to change EVERYTHING, but expect a lot of changes before a retail release)


I didn’t want to, so thank you.


It’s probably not harder to win with Kraken (if it were, why would anybody pick him?). I think it’s probably more a matter of playing Kraken being a bit more complicated. I picture it as being similar to Starcraft, where playing as the humans (aka Terrans) was more straightforward and easy to understand, whereas moving up to the Zerg or Protoss introduced more options. I think in the end, the more complicated ones end up being more powerful. It usually ends up being a situation where the 2nd+ tier team/monster may be harder to play at first, but has a larger upside (and therefore is potentially more powerful) than the 1st tier, more straightforward team/monster.


For a brand new, fresh, sealed with plastic player, Kraken will be harder to win with for the first few games, especially when you’ve just come from a melee brawler who can’t fly.
But of course, tiers don’t matter if you’re skilled.
Kraken is just harder to win with for new players because of a different play style.


The reason for hunters being seen as more powerful is this

The hunters are a sort of puzzle that the monster has to break/solve. Start going for one, the other three pose their own problems, which is why taking the out the first of the four is so difficult. But, if you manage to get one down, then you’ll find it immensely easier to get the rest. Most gameplay footage we see is currently from E3, where Laz was the only medic, an entirely different threat than most medics people are used to in any game (yes, even Battlefield defib’s). A lot of people who play the game for the first time don’t know how to manage this, let alone Lazarus, and lose. Yet obvious improvement showed in the tournament matches, where we saw it became more balanced in the last two days.