Are the devs taking ideas from here?


I was just wondering if the developers are taking ideas for monster/hunters/maps from the forums? and if there is any certain place to post your ideas so they get seen?


A lot of people were asking for an indoor/cave map and both the new maps have that. Could be coincidence or could be that they are trying to please the fans.


I don’t believe they are crowdsourcing information, but there are threads for ideas for monsters and hunters.


Occasionally they take idea’s, but they usually respond. ^.^


but quite rarely O.o


Bucket’s sentry gun range was quite the topic for awhile as well as the GML…hehehe they are listening…


They most definitely keep an ear to the forums. Easily the most responsive team I’ve ever seen.


I feel like they are ^.^

But Im not entirely sure. How else would they please the fans with Patches, DLC, etc?


Hard to say on Monster and Hunter ideas, though there was some talk of a jetpack beam before Sunny.

I optimistically bet that they browse the forum ideas looking for anything decent or salvageable to inspire or refit into their own designs.


Only if you have proven to be a casual j/k


from the buffs, to the nerfs, the smurfs, monsters and hunters the devs love community feed back and have implemented quite a bit of content from forum suggestions!