Are Teleport Pads No Longer ID'd with Smell?


Topic title asks it all.
Did not see another post, only searched for sniff/smell teleport so could have missed it.

Was playing with friends earlier when I thought I noticed, is that a thing now? So confused, don’t recall seeing that in patch notes and I definitely recall being able to see teleport pads with smell previously…


scientifically and by a game play standpoint i think A. they dont need to be smell able because that is…weird and B they already are quite obvious and dont need to be drawn even more attention to


So…you don’t know either? :stuck_out_tongue:

That logic would then need to carry over to all hunter placed objects. I can smell sound spikes and mines and other items, so was shocked to not see a teleport pad showing up.

Humans (mostly, haha) are touching these objects, I’d expect a monster with the smell ability as designed in this game to be able to smell and ID items touched by hands ya know/


I don’t think they ever were.


It has never been possible to smell teleport pads. It would defeat their purpose as repositioning tools if the monster could see the hunter was running into a corner to get to the teleport pads.

That being said I’m not against the idea of making them smellable, as long they became more durable and took a bit longer to break, like emets respawn beacon.


Don’t think they ever could be smelled, but they make an extremely obnoxious sound which you can hear from like 100m away. Plus they glow, brightly.

Also Kala screams I’M PUTTING A TELEPORT RIGHT THE FUCK HERE GUYS and you can smell Kala, so there.


I know the mechanics all, not a matter of me having an issue playing against them. Just so happens they were being placed well out of my LOS and hearing distance, and obviously not sitting out in the open, so I had no prompts when they were placed.

Happened to be playing a custom with friends and they were trying to troll me with them. So was trying to go around the map smelling them and couldn’t. That’s what I get for turning on infinite strikes haha.

I was fairly confident they use to show up, huh. OK, thanks for the info.