Are some small changes possible nobody hurts?


Would you make it possible to select a perk if you joining a running game?

Would you make it possible to choose the bot-players (monster and hunters) if you play a custom multiplayer match? (I dont mean singleplayer. If i play with one friend it would be more fun. He just wanna play with bots thats why we play custom often.

Would you make it possible to choose more map extras in custom matches at all in singleplayer and mulitplayer? (monster burning hands, drones flying around, ebonstar solider or toxic gas at once i mean for example)

  1. Probably not technically possible.
  2. I agree with this, but not sure if that’s planned.
  3. Also probably not technically possible to have multiple simultaneous map effects.



in point nr 3 do you mean with technical that it would cost more pc-hardware to load a map? or do you mean its hard to realize for the devs like point nr 1?
and point nr2 cant be impossible to realize cause mulitplayer custom has all the same options like singleplayer custom. the only difference is that friends can join your match.


Update Lazarus’ HUD (the body decay timer) when the monster has eaten 1 meat of a hunter’s body.


Instead of nr just put #, #1 and #3 are would both require such huge changes that even if they were possible it would still take the devs an immense amount of work for very little reward (though they probably wouldn’t work anyways), #2 could be nice but from what we know they are not working on it right now


I would if I could but I don’t think its possible for them to do this.

I would if I could, I think they could do this someday. It be interesting to see if the human players can pick what character the bot picks.

No, two map effects at the same time would be too hectic. Though I would love to see them rework them as map adaptations, they nerf down two map perks one for hunters and one for the monster then add some fun map vfx or reskins.


I asked a long time ago about allowing us to change perks after joining in on a bot, I don’t think it’s possible though.


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