Are ppl doing this on purpose?


New sup is up ergo everyone wants to play sup. But not Kala. I saw only two players that picked her, like dozen others pick everyone else, Cabot, Tech Hank… I understand that not everyone bought her, dont want to play her etc, but there are so many players now that I feel pick prefered sup just to prevent others to play new sup.


Maybe they want to see how different they are.


Pretty sure people aren’t doing that on purpose, you’re just unlucky I furs l fire l guess


Well, many variables are at play.

  • They tried her and don’t like her.

  • They think she is too UP or OP.

  • They don’t own her.

  • They don’t want to play her in multiplayer yet.

  • They prefer other supports.

  • Etc.


Some people didnt actually have access to her because it was only available to season pass holders at first, right?


But three players got pref sup, then another bunch of players, all pref sup, sbd quits, sbd else joins, appears he had pref sup. It’s just wierd that so many players want sup and dont want to play new sup.


I still think it’s a bad luck and who knows, maybe the ones who didn’t get to play support wanted to play her, plus, mostly everyone try new characters in Solo mode :bucket:


I’ve been playing my usual Hank in pugs because I need to learn her a lot more before I trust her in ranked matches. She isn’t as easy as the other supports have been to pick up. I’m definitely not trolling, just making it less frustrating of a match by not playing her just yet. :smile: This could be the case for some other people, too.


Probably bad luck, I pld yesterday more than 10 quick mathes. All of them featured Kala

  • Bad luck
  • They were surprised to find Kala locked due to a bug
  • They hate her and picking Support is the only way to make sure she’s not on the team

The last one is extremely toxic, but I can’t say I’m too surprised because I certainly didn’t mind when some other players did that when EMET was released and everyone who picked him just sucked at healing and sometimes bailed on purpose to grind their Respawn Beacon.

And to be entirely honest, I’ve changed my preference to Support a couple of times now right before an Arena match in an attempt to prevent people from picking Kala in Arena. I probably shouldn’t have done that but… it gets under my skin a little.


I quit playing Trapper and went on to Medic because of this. Medic is such a vital role. I hate Rogue Val and Lazarus with a burning passion. In my opinion, she is the worst healer. So I’ve been playing with Emet, Slim, and Val a LOT lately. So much so I saw myself on the Emet leader board. Haha
A bit toxic, but most people prefer assault here, anyway. Not too many have Medic on their pref. Even if they do it’s either Laz or Rogue Val. Laz, Laz, Laz, Laz, Laz, RV, Laz, Laz, Laz, Emet, Laz, Laz, Laz, Laz, Laz, Laz, etc. One time, I saw a Slim player. It was amazing.


I am not sure haven’t been able to play online and I know some people hate emet as him and laz I love playing so I got in a game and I chose laz and someone popped up and said no laz I said ok well the only other medic I am good with is emet and they said just to go laz


Seriously? But Emet is so much better. I rarely lose matches (or get strikes, even) with Emet. If you pick Laz, the monster’s just going to either eat the body or let it rot because you can’t heal them very well.


BUT… BUT… how is one supposed to get good and learn how to counter INTELLIGENT monsters!!! you cant do that in solo!! SOlO only offers basics! NOOOOOOOOOO DONT DO THIS! cries


Try :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember that the first couple of days almost everyone wants to play the new character, so, since you’re anxious to play her and not wait for an available spot, you choose to try her in Solo mode.

Of course, you will later use her online :stuck_out_tongue:


Um… solo is actually REALLY good for learning what hte character can do. You go to multiplayer to play and learn how to play well. Solo is for learning basic skills (ex: knowing where to place bouys, when to put down a satalite, where to lance, where to put a spider, and where to put a teleporter)


I disagree, I main medic (if that’s of importance), before R.V, I used either Caira or Val, after R.V came out, She quickly became my favorite medic because she is easy to use, and buys herself an extra five seconds for a shield to recharge. R.V, EMET, and Laz are my most hated medics to fight agaist. RV and Emet cause of their passive healing. RV can literally heal everyone one the team simultaneously, while providing passive damage, and still be healing with her medgun. and if youre down and in range of another down hunter, you have a chance of reviving said hunter while your team punishes.

emet is just annoying cause of the similar situation, he can heal every hunter but extreme amounts with healbursts


but remember, in solo youre palying against AI’s who are programmed to go after specific roles first, they dont think. if theyre being punished they dont go "OH SHt! I lost half my health! time to run! they dont care, theyll die s1 trying to down a val in a dome. they dont know how to mitigate. Im surprised they know how to sneakpounce


I guess we have different styles of play. I’m extremely impatient when it comes to healing. With Val, I stay at the rim of the fight. I can’t do that with RV. Her heal gun is was too short. Yeah she can slowly heal entire groups of people. Iy’s annoying trying to do DOT and AOE attacks against hunters with RV on the team. But a healer’s best weapon in the heal burst. They tore THAT to shreds when they introduced a heal burst that can harm her team rather than help. (ex: take away passive healing)

Of course, this might be Slim speaking. I love Slim and Emet because they perfectly fit my style of healing: rapid fire, burst, aggressive healing.

That’s the point! Healers might not be able to work too well in practice. But I have no flippin’ clue what a teleporter is and how it works. Why would I put my entire team of actual people at risk because I have no clue how to use a character? You go into Solo, test her out a bit, have a bit of fun, and then, once you know how to take away armor at the right moments and put down teleporters, try it out on real, thinking people.


If im playing pubs, i personally dont care if i win or lose. Pubs for me = experimenting and practice. my trapper has been helping me expeirment with a caira/cabot comp, weve been experimenting for weeks. it works! it really does, the issue is/was cairas lack to keep herself up, so until we figure out a way to keep caira up without a shield, she isnt going in ranked. that may be different now with her HB buff. regardless, I hear what your saying. and i agree, I like staying away from the fight as much as possible, but I also like knowing that my other teamates are being healed indirectly while i heal someone else directly. and sure the healburst takes the passive away, but only for 10? 12? seconds?