Are people who want to buy Evolve digitally going to have a way to get the pre-order bonuses?


For instance, I’m going to be buying Evolve for Xbox One, but I’d prefer to buy it digitally. Right now I can preorder the physical version for Xbox One from amazon, GameStop, etc. and get preorder bonuses like weapon skins, a 4th monster, etc. However, I haven’t seen any way for me to preorder the digital version and get those same bonuses. I’m hoping @DamJess @SlabOMeat or somebody at TR might be able to shed some light on the possibility of being able to preorder (or buy on day 1?) the digital version on X1, PS4, and PC and still get the same preorder bonuses that purchasers of the physical disc get.

About Preordering on the day before release?

Not sure about this, I will see what I can do.


My first guess is no since i beieve retailers pay to get the ability to get preorder bonuses but im not sure. I dont recall hearing of preorder bonuses being given to psn or xbl preorders. I know that at least on psn, you can download the game before release then at midnight jump straight in without having to wait


Yeah I’m not sure what back room deals go on in order to make preorder bonuses happen. Just hoping that I don’t have to lose out by buying the digital version (and hey, every person who buys the digital version is a person who won’t be contributing to the used game market…that’s good for TR/2K, right?)!

Thanks, @DamJess!


Not entirely necessarily, if someone buys a used copy, then buys all the dlc, thats still a nice profit for them. Honestly, used GOTY editions are the worst for devs


Just get the physical copy if you want the preorder bonuses, I can’t understand why people hate on the used game market without it alot of people would be unemployed.


I would assume if there isn’t a direct way to get the pre-order bonus as a per-order, it will eventually be available as DLC.


Not always, plus, how else could you get the first dlc monster for free?


I’m not sure about the XBone/PS4 but you can preorder the digital version for PC on Amazon.


But I don’t want a physical copy. I want to be able to instantly launch Evolve no matter what’s in my disc drive. That’s why I’m asking specifically about whether or not we can get pre-order bonuses with the digital version. Because I know I’m going to buy Evolve, so if I can pre-order the digital version and get at least the 4th monster, that’d be great.

My point about the used game market is that physical copies aren’t as good for the dev/publisher as digital copies since I can’t trade in a digital copy. So it seems odd not to reward people who preorder a digital copy when digital copies are actually better for TR/2K (assuming TR/2K get roughly the same amount of money from a digital sale as a physical sale, since when somebody buys Evolve used TR/2K get nothing).


I might just do that if that’s the way to get the bonuses and still be day 1, haha. I don’t really mind missing out on weapon skins if I have to go to gamestop.


The devs would get paid the same for a physical copy as a download surely and if someone has the game and buys the dlc and then traded someone else may buy the dlc as well so more money so I think you wrong about that.
And if the preorder bonus bothers you that much buy the physical or if the ability to launch the game without the “massive” hassle of actually having to physically move and place a game in the machine is so important then download it, company’s pay good money to get exclusives and preorder bonuses it’s been like that for years.


You make it sound like something else would ever be in your disc drive :stuck_out_tongue:


So you mean it’s NOT a cup holder?!

And like @trojanguy had mentioned, I too typically prefer digital content on my consoles over discs purely for that reason. Swapping discs is so 1990’s!

My biggest issue will be, do I also buy Evolve for the Xbox one considering all things and having it as well on the PC? I guess I should though after all, if I didn’t then I would be ashamed to call myself a true gamer.


Well, I guess that might be the one thing that could replace evolve in a disc tray lmao


Another problem with buying digitally, is that too many companies think their game is worth more than it is. I can go into a gamestop and pick up a game for $10 when the developer would charge 30 for a digital copy. Then I get home and decide the game is terrible and a waste of money, which sadly is what MOST games are


Yeah digital prices for console games can never keep up with sales on physical discs for some reason. However, in the case of Evolve that doesn’t really matter because either way I’ll be paying $60 for it since I’m getting it on day one.

As for other things being in my disc drive, well, that Frozen blu ray my daughter loves isn’t going to play unless it’s in there!


lol same for me to be honest regarding frozen. My daughter is constantly asking me to put elsa on…


This is more in the area of 2K as our publisher. I think it would probably be best to reach out to the individual retailers about the situation with their digital copies. Sorry not to be more help.


I wish i had of known this issue before i purchased a preorder that is now giving me no bonus.

Ordered from Amazon via the link, selected digital copy and the preorder button, job done … or so i thought…

Yesterday found out that i am ineligible for ANY bonus, alpha access skins fluff monster pack/skins… pretty much the fluff which was why i preordered from amazon, found this out 2 days after the preorder bonus expired; couldn’t switch order.

Created a ticket with 2k, but it’s looking as if my alien safari big game hunting halloween adventure isnt going to happen :’(

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Getting close to hunting season…