Are people finding matches on XB1?


I’m still perplexed by this. Another night, another “no players found” session. Played Evac by myself. Is something wrong with XB1 match-making (still)?


I play every evening 2 or 3 evac campaigns
however i play only in premade hunter groups never alone or just with 2 or 3 people


Maybe this is primarily a problem for people without XB1 friends (me) lol :smiley:


we encounter your problem to a small degree nonetheless
monster players get easily frustratet if you beat them 2 days in a row or outvote them every time Which i completly understand
Then It can hapen that we are waiting a few minutes


Matchmaking is broken in so many ways and it affects a lot more people than they want you to believe, but admitting that would be a PR nightmare.

If you don’t find a match after 1-2 minutes, restart your search. Repeat this until it works because there is zero consistency when it comes to finding matches and when it works, it finds them instantly and when it doesn’t, it stalls forever…why is why you have to restart your search countless times hoping one of them will work.

Fix this broken game already!!!


I’ve actually found that I find games faster when I’m playing alone. When I play with friends, we have a party of 3 or 4. At that point, it typically takes 5-10 minutes of searching (with restarts) to find a match. Certainly is really frustrating. Hopefully it gets fixed in the upcoming patch.


Played all last night on XBox one and had no problem finding matches.


ps4 has alot of players u can find a game instantly and theres barely anybugs or glitches xbox has alot of problems