Are monsters underpowered?

AS a main assault player, I know that I am not going down any time soon.

Unless I KNOW that I will go down with 100% certainty if I do not use my shield, I will not use it.

Otherwise I have support supporting me, medic heals, trapper cc, adn my own power of dodging in order to stay up.

Whenever you target me, I cry tears of joy because of all the damage I am doing to you by getting all those glorious headshots at minimal risk.


not a good idea to focus assault unless support or medic is down.

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If you exploit weaknesses in the terrain to force the assault to chase you then he goes down much easier.

Man, I love getting assaults like you as monster. Just keep on going in a circle until you’re all alone or your team is all out of jet fuel. Once either of those things happen it’s game over buddy.

Eh, no. I know that If I go where the monster wants me to go, I will go down.

No decent assault will do that unless they have their team behind them.

They may be more tanky, but they aren’t invincible. So they play it smart.

Let’s put it this way, I would not chase bob into a cave in any situation.

I would not go behind a pillar without my support.

Yea, just try it. I will not do that boyo. Chasing you blindly is what players with 20 hours of experience do.

I hope you enjoy stomping pub assaults, because you clearly have not fought any assault player that is not half brain dead, lobotomized, or with out a single iota of IQ.

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Haha! No worries buddy! That’s not my only trick!

And I realized I took the bait.


good job on the rage bait. I took it completly, hook line and sinker.

puts on dunce hat

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If an assault is chasing you behind say a pillar or into a cave basically terrain where the medic/support can’t help them they’re poor players?

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they are.

No assault in their right mind would do that without their team backing them up.

Wow I am done with “hunt 2.0”. The point system is stupid you barely earn any points as monster if you win, and if you lose the match you lose about 8-12 points so all those points you have been working on go down the drain, I say it’s time for ALL of the hunters to get BEATEN by the nerfbat, and buff the monsters, like it’s next to impossible to win as monster now!

I’m laughing.

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No it very much isn’t impossible to win. I can say that we are very much making progress in the aspect that hunters aren’t extremely overwhelming in every single aspect of pressure and defense. Hell I recently just finally got out of silver destroyer which I have been in for 4 weeks and finally got to gold because the changes made on the hunter side. I even managed to beat a gold team I have been consist tell losing against time and time again. So it isn’t impossible but I will give you the benefit of the doubt that it is difficult still.

Also the game takes away more points during certain loses than wins because statistically speaking the system identified you and saw that you had a higher probably to win than the hunters and since you lost you lost more points than if it were flat out 50-50

I am trying my hardest to win but it doesn’t cut it, I balance between 85 to 112 points as silver skilled like I can’t progress further, its hard to win competitive play.

You seem to have developed the mentality that you can climb forever when you most certainly can’t.

I hit my wall and stayed there for 4 weeks until this patch came along and gave me the little push I needed into gold. Do I think I can make it to gold 4? No. Do I think I can stay in gold? Absolutely.

I am much more content knowing that I hit my skill cap and can maintain it while also having a close game every game.

My point is you can’t climb forever because sooner or later you will hit your wall. I started my climb at silver 4 but now here I am in gold 5.

It’s just that the hunters keep using the same characters over and over again like: maggie, sunny, griffin, lennox, lazurus, val, hank, markov

There must be something better that I can do as monster like a different strategy or something that can get me up there cause I just get destroyed most matches by hunters

Yeah and? I face gold teams that use those hunters on a regular basis.

The teams you face are the teams I only face when the Match maker can’t find anyone in my elo to put me against. As in I have to be in queue for over 30 mins only to face a sub par team I end in less than 10 mins.

Take from me not as an insult but as a genuin fact that you need to accept. You have hit your wall and I know it’s hard to realize that your hardest didn’t get you anywhere close to where you want to go but it’s just the way things are. I assume you want a higher rank and from experience you honestly wouldn’t survive any higher if you are balancing out your points in a certain range.

I’m sorry but your incapability to climb any further isn’t due to hunters being as OP as you make them out to be but its just you hitting your wall.

Hell when I was stuck in Silver destroyer for 4 weeks I was teetering on the point range of 30-54(it takes 60 to get into gold) and taking into account balance at the time and my skill I just couldn’t climb any further but in your case it just seems you hit this same wall I did but a lot sooner. In my case I just needed the game to be a bit more monster favored to give me my push to climb further and take this from experience as hunters aren’t as OP as you think they are and it is unfortunately you having the incapability of climbing due to your skill cap.

Yes and no. Hunters in general aren’t OP but Val and Sunny are much stronger than they have any right to be or the rest of the hunters are waaay under powered and I deserve to be bronze ranked.


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Huh didn’t see that.