Are monsters underpowered?


I about as veteran of a player as this game can have. I’ve participated in the alpha, the beta, and now in the full game. The game as a whole was great. The game was balanced, both teams had to work hard to succeed at their goals, wild life made sense. The alpha was beautiful, the beta even more so, full game was good… Untill the forums really kicked in. The problem with a 4v1 game for every one person asking for change four people ask for the opposite. Gone are the days where hunters panic when a monster hits teir 3. With gradual updates came more and more nerfs to basic features that kept monsters alive. For example behemoth, his claim to fame was being “unstoppable” at teir 3. Wraith was designed to be the monster with the highest over all dps out of anything else in the game. Kraken was the one hit wonder, not overly survivable but could knock out smaller hunters with one slow firing attack. Goliath was the brawler, dishing out hit as well as being decently survivable. That is all a thing of the past. Armor is little more than a slight advantage in a fight, buying you no more that 30 seconds to dish out damage or run without taking perminate damage. The defining abilities of each monster have been striped away in an attempt to make the game “balanced”. For the players that enjoy playing the role of the hunters, this is great. For those of us who bought the game to feel the power and ferocity of being a monster. The rush of being a 30 foot tall killing machine that has been genetically engineered for the one purpose of whiping out the hunters, this game is lacking. Stealthily creeping through the maps is no longer a tactic with buffs coming to trappers abilities. Standing and fighting, even as a teir 3 monster, leads to systematic slaughter as all of your attempts to kill the hunters fail as your health doesn’t trickle away, but tumbles away. I guess the idea of this post is to call into question the realism of recent patches to them game, asking for a higher standard in patch production, and most of all challenging turtle rock studios to stop Evolve’s nose dive into mediocrity. As it stands now an accurate comparison would be Call of Duty, true a very successful game franchise, but not very reputable as far as originality or realism. When I first saw the announcements for Evolve I had a hope that it would be a higher caliber of game, but of it continues down this path it will have failed many of its fans who hoped for a realistic, challenging, 4v1 experience.


Monsters are not underpowered, just come up with new tactics. You need to plan on the go with Evolve.


I agree. All the monsters could use a little buffing and you’re 4 v 1 perspective is completely right… unfortunately.


The only monster I think is underpowered is Behemoth right now.

To be honest the only thing that makes hunters too strong is Val/Sunny/Griffin having RIDICULOUSLY strong chase game. If they manage to nerf that comp without affecting the individual hunters too much, then bring Kraken back in line, and buff Caira & Slim I feel, personally, that the game will be almost perfectly balanced.

tl;dr- Not really, in fact I’d say Kraken is too strong, it’s just that that one comp is ABSURDLY tough.


They sure do feel weak. Probably because they buffed hunters to hell and back and nerfed monsters.


Bugs should be fixed first, then buffs should be added if only completely necessary.

What’s the point of getting buffs if your monster is wonking out?


They changed it to make it balanced because the responses they were getting were negative, which in my opinion, are just stupid. They had a brilliant idea, but the fact that sometimes you were teamed up with hunters that just were not at your level, made it unfair.

Every hunter has to look out for eachother (not everyone did that)
One monster has to look after itself

What im trying to say is, yeah, the game would work, and does work when there is a good hunter team and good monster, but three good hunters and one bad against one bad monster would usually end up in the hunters loss


That’s not remotely true. You assume that only 1 out of every 5 players play nothing but monster, while the rest play only hunters. Not only do some people like both, but the people who like only one definitely do not make that proportion accurate. Far more people prefer monster, it seems, than hunter.


Well, I find that on the chase esp. they have distinct problems in getting away from the really good hunter teams.

The monsters that have distinct problems with this are wraith and kraken (although kraken trades speed with an amazing traversal) but wraith cannot escape after a fight with her traversals.


Funny hunters were told this and got buffed to hell and back. Like don’t stand still and get hit by boulders for one. Can you give an actual reason?


False. 3 traversals and a Warp Blast put a lot of distance between you and the hunters, and she’s not really that slow. You can run if you’re good at it. (Not to imply that you suck, I’m just stating how it works)


This is quite arguable. The degree to which however, is important to put into context.

If you ignore the contribution of the NjP hunters in the competitive scene- Monsters like kraken and wraith actually have about a 50% win rate. Actually in the last tourney (Poland), between the semis and the majors, monsters had just OVER 50% win rate (by 1 match). AND, this is against the “meta” comps.

Now, ive said before and ill say again- It might seem a bit silly to exclude NjPs hunters in this, but i can never stress enough- Those guys basically compete like its a second job. Their skill and shear (hah see wut i did there?) dedication to this game should not be overlooked. These guys quite literally throw off the “average”, and not taking into account how much they put in, is just down right disrespectful to them overall IMO.

But those results come primarily from 2 monsters, kraken and wraith. The other 2 monsters do see notably less success in the competitive scene. Now in my opinion, I think this might be because the other two are more susceptible to hard and soft CC combinations. But this reason is up for debate.


Yea, try that against good teams. you get garunteed evolve damage.

I’ve been playing wraith for months so I’m no scrub with her.

Also, sunny is flavor of the month apparently.
8/10 games are her. the rest are hank. Sunny, gg, you won’t escape against really good hunters.


So how would you consider dealing with hunters when Val is keeping you tranq’ed, Hank is shielding Val whenever necessary, Jack is preventing you from moving… And along the way Hyde or Parnell is standing right next to you and Val. Tell me your tactics.

Better yet! Replace Hank with Sunny. While Val is tranqing you and providing the occasional heal to the escaping hunters, Sunny is boosting hunters away from you, Jack is making sure you can’t chase the damaged hunters; all the while assault is still in your face. Tell me your tactics.


I will concede that Wraith’s traversal is poor compared to the other monsters. I, however, have not encountered this problem too much, and I am not new to Wraith either.


Also quite arguable id say- Its generally accepted that wraith is one of the slowest “overall” monsters in the game when it comes to “the chase”. Competing with kraken for the title. She can cover about 70’ish meters by blowing all of her traversals, depending on how many points are in warp blast. A hunter is going to cover about 56 meters by blowing all of their jetpack, which recharges in 15 seconds, IF they dont have perks like jet pack recharge.

Now add in hunters like sunny throwing the hunters around. Griffin snagging you with harpoons. And val pumping tranqs in your ass. Then add in for how teams dont need to CHASE you, they just run along the inside ring of the map (with the assault keeping tabs on where you are exactly), and ya- youre not “getting away” from a good team.


Well, I am stuck in bronze, so that may be a factor…
Heh. Factor. Lore jokes.


Ba dumm ttss


If only I could do this in game, I would get across the map much more quickly.


Don’t get caught.

I never said I had any tactics to be honest, I just play Evolve for fun. It’s really fun being backed into corner, odds stacked against you. That’s when the magic happens.