Are monsters simply computer programs? They are not real

A lot of people on this forum seem to think that monsters are real, however there are a couple of idiosyncracies which expose this to be false.

According to:

The amount of mass or energy within any closed system must be constant, since no mass or energy can escape from it.

However, while monsters gain mass by eating, the metamorphosis stage is marked by as much as a 100% increase in mass every time they evolve.

Additionally, according to:

The law of momentum, in conjunction with the conversation of energy, suggests that the amount of kinetic energy + potential energy must be equal at any 2 points for a closed system, of 2 different elevations.

The Behemoth seems to be able to bypass this law, and roll up hills despite not having the kinetic energy to overcome gravitation potential.

Lastly, according to:

It is not possible to travel at the speed for light for something that has mass, or the amount of mass will be infinite, thereby causing one to collapse into a black hole that can destroy the universe.

The Wraith, however, can travel between 2 points instantaneously using a form of teleportation that defies this law.

Because of the violations of 3 very important laws of the universe, I am forced to come up with the theory, that monsters are not real in this game.

What do I mean by this?

Of course everyone knows that this is a video game, and anything which is inside must be fake.

What I meant was that the fictional universe that Evolve is in, cannot be physical. It must be a computer simulation based off another physical universe. This is the only way to explain how the 3 laws of physics can be breached.

This also explains how the hunters can suddenly reincarnate after death, which defies physical explanation, or how there can be iterations of many hunter vs monster setups over and over again despite physical mortality.


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