Are monsters health and armour dropping much faster?


I feel though the monsters are somehow weaker, the kraken and goliath’s armour seems to drop so quickly.
Is it just me or is it actually happening?


Who are you facing? If its tier 4 its because they do insane damage


This is why your health goes bye-bye.


Tier 4 are god-tier. I’m saying this now.

Sunny’s launcher is pretty easy to land compared to how they said it would be.
Slim’s cooldown received from shooting is a little too high.
Torvald, I don’t know. Give him less mortars?
Crow, Gobi needs to be less spammy.

That is all.


I agree with all but Crow, out of all of them i actually feel like he is in the best spot


He’s in a sweet spot damage and CC wise; but Gobi is a little too spammy. You need to admit.

You can send him out as soon as he comes back. I don’t know his downtime on it either.

Maybe give Gobi 2 seconds to gather himself after returning.


Torvalds mortars do seem a tad OP i was losing around 2bars of health from them.

But i think part of the issue is now damage stays highlighted on bar for longer so it looks like more aswell as the t4s being P2W. That and dont forget behemoth takes 4x damge to critical mass with a weakpoint on it.


But also remember that Gobi is his only form of tracking.
Griffin can cover a map with spikes
Daisy is perma tracking
Abe has 45 second tracking time
Gobi is just Gobi.
And lets face it, Darts are much more spammable


Well it’s a fact that Sunny has the most powerful gun, I can’t comment on the actual assault class since I’ve yet to play as him but apparently his mortar is really strong.

“Sunny is perfectly capable of dishing it out. Her Mininuke Grenade Launcher packs more punch in a single projectile than any other hand-wielded weapon in the game


You got a point.

I guess you’re right. Yea.


Quirkles strikes again.
I’m getting good at this.


It seems that making hunters more powerful since 4 people play them is more important than making monsters viable. It’s better to appease the majority (hunter players) vs the singular monster player. I could be wrong but it feels that way currently.


Crow is really the balanced one of the 4, and the rest are a pain in the ass to go against as monster. You got an easy to hit mini-nuke launcher, the mortars from Torvald, and that fucking slim with reload speed, he’s like pre-patch wraith among hunters.


The funniest part is everyone thought Crow would be the OP one, and he turns out to be the most balanced.


Keep in mind that Sunny does less damage on the AOE: maximum damage requires a direct hit.

If anything Torvald is OP against Behemoth - the other Monsters have the mobility they need to avoid him. His damage output drops drastically when his Mortars are dodged or the Monster is too close for them.

Gobi seems fine to me given Crow’s weakness to sneak starts initially. Feels like weaker, but easier to start Abe tracking.


I think the Gobi cool down is fine where its at, even if its spammy it doesn’t last too long. Also if you don’t get any birds helping you, chances are your going the wrong way if the monster can sneak well.
I agree sunny’s Mini nuke does loads of damage, but this is her only damage dealer, and she doesn’t have a dmg amp. Here comes Supports encounter with a nerf bat again.
Slim…I think Slim is fine, heal burst is spammy AF, but don’t heal much, healing depends if he can get shots off to recharge. Dunno bout his dmg tho pretty sure it’s high with a reload perk.
Torvald will disintegrate you nuff said.
Dmg nerf incoming!!


I agree with these nerfs.


Gobi is like a mini dust tag that is never on cooldown. He makes sneaking anywhere near the hunters almost impossible. At least daisy doesnt actually reveal you unless you sit there.


I think it might be intended that way… I noticed that the Behemoth actually gains health every evolve… So he’s expected to lose lots of it, and still have more later on.


Actually you need to be paying attention with Gobi, if a monster is below you then you wont notice and it doesnt last long enough to make a mistake