Are monsters and minions supposed to be able to enter domes?


Most of the time minions and monsters could enter the mobile arena, but sometimes they’re blocked from getting in. I’ve purposely put one down to block the monster from getting in so the drop ship could land, but it only works once in a while.


…That’s kinda unusual. I imagine the minions not entering is a bit more due to the AI just avoiding -entering- an active dome. Players however, if they’re tracking a kill, will happily enter a dome to slaughter people.


They are supposed to be able to enter


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Alright because a few games it looked like the player controlled monster couldn’t get inside when it was trying to, and same with the minion, but it could be what mortalbound said and they probably just didn’t want to go inside.


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The dome is a lot like the hotel California.


a dome keeps stuff in never keeps stuff out…


it’s so funny launching decoy into a dome so they hunters think you’re just hiding