Are monsters actually op?

I can defeat hunters perfectly fine so how are they UP?

Non-exclusive. Underpowered does not mean impossible to win. The better player usually still wins.

It just means in an equally skilled match, Hunters would have the advantage. Though again, I think Goliath is the only weak one at the moment.

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Okay if we’re really gonna pick one I must agree that goliath feels clunky in comparison to the others

The original idea was for the monster to be weak at stage 1, medium at 2, and strong at 3. Hunters will always stay medium. That was the BASE of the game but they kinda wrecked it.

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Give that man a cookie

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That was how it was at the start, but they clunked the stages in together making the changes between monster stages less different. to be honest they need to redo the stage changes.

Monsters seem OP at first, especially if you’re new to the game but once everyone starts to learn how to manage their jetpack and simply just do their job, suddenly it seems more fair.

Once you get to the point where you’re playing with people that you can coordinate and communicate well with, then the Monster becomes far less intimidating. Then, when you have excellent coordination, tactics and teamwork going on the Monster starts to wonder who the Monster really is…

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Yeah s3 monsters are so weak compared to good teams now it’s crazy.

ya monsters are insanely OP, wraith to much armor, firebreath cant be negated by shield, kraken flied to much and has an OP after shock and behemoth has tongue grab and insane combo damage.

Monsters are not op, you just have a case of pub-itus. It can be cured with 2 things

  1. a mic
  2. people who use mics.
    honestly, you just need some players you can rely on and some form of communication.

once that happens, you become the monster.

I play with good people, all top hunters in their class but after the patch wraiths are hard to beat because its hard to chop at their health with double armor. Behemoth does insane dmg now and tongue grab is close to impossible to dodge, Krakens always been OP, no surprise there!! goliath I’m fine with but Meteor goliath does to much fire dmg, if fire dmg is going to be consistent then it needs a nerf… Before the patch this game was fine, now its hard to even find a match. Sad to see the game going in the wrong direction. Don’t believe me…look at the numbers on this game, it’s dead. not trying to be a douche, I just tell it like it is.

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I’ll argue this in the mornin’ :stuck_out_tongue: too tired to think straight.

Nah I’m sure this game will last a good while. Heck look at chrome hounds that game’s developer went bankrupt a while after release yet people played the game for years after. True I don’t agree with how some things have been changed but as far as I know they will be making changes to monster skills to even them out more since s3 took such a hit with some skills.

If there is well-coordinated premade hunter team then any monster will have real pain to win. But most of pubs are total noobs (even at 40 lvl) and then average monster can easily crash them. I fought many harcore monsters with random folks. No way we could beat him since at least one hunter made BASIC mistakes. Laz will rush to corpse just into monster claws - hunters are f*** up. No dome in defense - no chance to defeat veteran Bob or Kraken.

A lot monster players plays with pubs and get easy wins and super high leaderboard ratio. Only when there is real challenge to fight thinking hunters they back down and coplain that hunters are OP. But smashing so many lowbies is ok then?

There is also thing that when you loose as monster it’s more PERSONAL. You should’ve won, you are big f*** monster, they are just little ants, and there is feeling that you are harrassed by four players. When you loose like hunter u can always say that “Laz u noob!” “Are u retard trapper?” and dont take that so painfuly.

Goliath is still viable but more difficult to play. If u suck as Wraith - u don’t know how to play her. She’s very powerful in direct fight and easy to achieve high result. Kraken has too many advantages compare to other monsters. He can easily spot u and hit from far way and above, force u to burn fuel to dodge LS, vortex and then nuke u with aftershock and u can’t do shit to avoid it. Behemoth is only powerful in proper tight places. If hunters can force him to fight in open spaces with spread high points he has much more trouble to beat them.

Saying to “look at the numbers” doesn’t really work when we just had a free weekend, and had 5x the normal amount of players.

The Monsters are OP in the sense of the fact they are supposed to be boss characters, but that line of power is not evenly made to fight against the hunters in a sense that it’s not a fair fight. Hunters always have had the advantage and still do

they arnt op, im a monster main, and i almost lost a match the last time i played as behemoth.

He means when compared to a single hunter they are extremely strong one or two and sometimes 3 hunters (depending on the skill level of the hunters and who is dead) have no chance against the monster also depending on stage.