Are monsters actually op?

So after the patch everyone’s been screaming monsters OP, and coming from a monster player (wraith main)they barely changed (except poor Goliath, rest in peace m8). Kraken is still a flying fortress, Wraith still sucks at relay fights (why TRS and why God) and behemoth is either piss easy to kill or mops the floor with you. But I want to get your guys opinion on this. It seems monsters become once hunters start losing to them, still I don’t think They’re anywhere near OP, even Kraken isn’t

I’ve personally seen more monsters UP than monster OP posts

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I’ve seen some UP threads, but Goliath’s the only UP monster. Kraken is kraken, wraith is a tank now and behemoth is God tier

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Behemoth is tied with Wraith for 2nd outside of certain comps (torvald specifically wrecks behemoth) Kraken is first and goliath is weakest.

Kraken isn’t op, nor was he. AS is cheesier than my 4 cheese ravioli. I would like that changed but buff LS as well. since it is his main damage dealer. AS should be used to punish hunters out of fuel or for bad positioning.

Goliath, needs some love.

Wraith, is fine but I would prefer her armor nerfed and her speed buffed instead.

Bob, in a decent spot but is still easy af to kill if your team is coordinated.


Every monster except Kraken is UP at the moment, if you’re facing a good premade the game is definitely hunter favored

YES!!! 100% agree.

Monsters are UP, it’s going to stay that way. They can’t make monsters actually balanced without making gods against bad teams/MM. So against good teams, no monster really stands a decent chance unless the hunters make a big mistake or something.


the Hunters are more monsterous than the Monsters. It feels like the Duck Dynasty guys going out to hunt ducks and fish with dynamite.

Thank god Kraken is the only one who can cause hunter players grief or else this game would be completely one-sided.

Kraken is overpowered and Wraith needs her permastun looked at. Behemoth is still a little on the weak side because he’s still the most easy to cheese around. Goliath is weaksauce. Meteor Goliath, I am unsure about.v

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Monsters way to UP… and let us not talk about the Goliath… :frowning:

The Hunters have so much help in the Game and against a decent Group it will be hard for you to find any Strikes.

The Hunter’s should fear the Monster and not the Monster the Hunter’s. But it’s just like that. Even on Stage 3 some Monster’s still run because they feel weak.

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Nothing is OP, nothing is UP. It’s how you play that determines if you win or not. ((And the competence of teammates))

Monsters have like no chance against good teams…

They need two kind of balance for each monsters. One is for normal game and another for ESL, ranks and gold matches.

I don’t know that many people who really think monsters are OP.

You mean you as monster don’t have a chance against good teams, don’t speak for everyone

No. All the monsters are up. There is one monster which is borderline viable and guess whats happening because it’s almost viable, ppl want it nerfed

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Nope. It’s just not balanced. You can say it is all you want, but it’s not.

On Xbox at least, Behemoth is slightly overpowered. Slightly. Terrain can still be abused against him, such as the bridges on Weather Control.

Wraith is fine. The problem is decoy spam players, who don’t want to fight.

Kraken is only strong when played by someone who knows how to abuse his little tricks. Instapounce, AS, Heavy comboes, etc. But that generally comes from being a strong player.

Goliath, I am not entirely sure. Sometimes he flounders, sometimes he stomps. I would say he is a little low right now. MG is a little bit better, except against Slim.

Well technically ALL monsters are OP because it’s after all 4 v 1 so he kinda has to be don’t he?