Are Miley's (Gorgon) traversals OP? (Also a story of Kraken Prime)


Kraken the Bae-est monster ever! :heart:

With about a hundred games in I finally manage to Prime my sexy tentacle big blue electric machine killing pimp slapping monster Kraken.
It was a hard road as I started fighting really good teams near the last 10 of those levels, having a few matches that were right down to the wire, a few where I’d die before the hunters would even drop in and a few where Parnell would snipe me from 200 meters away with the shotgun. But somehow I manage to prevail and got my sexy Prime skin for the flying spaghetti Lord…

To the point

So after all that Kraken stuff was said and done, I decided to shift my focus to Cher’s bootylicious Queen of the twerks, with a booty that can make mountains move Miley the Gorgon.

I always held the opinion that her traversals were a tad bit strong while playing against her, because out of all the monsters she seems to go to stage 3 the most when I fight her, but I felt like I might had just been a bias hunter player so I just kept it to myself.

After playing her for the better part of two days now, I find that I’m really really good at losing the hunters. Where as in before every one of those loses against legit teams I’ve died outside of the actual domes where they’d hound me down.

This seem to confirm my suspicioun that her traversals are too strong (or Kraken is too bad possibly) because I’m having high instances of escaping and stage up than I had with Kraken.

With :gorgon: I find that she is in a decent spot where I feel I can engage the hunters after the dome, I hope more monsters will be adjusted to be able to do this in the future.

TLDR: Kraken is bae,bae got Prime status, now Azmi plays Miley the Gorgon to prime her. Azmi confirms suspicion that Miley’s traversals might be too good or Kraken is too slow. Azmi loves booty and twerking.


Not sure if…





What did I just read?


I’d say its not op due to a few factors that happen to me.
1.I get attached to the floor half the time so I have to waste an extra web sling to actually get away
2.Really buggy for me with the invisible walls or terrain
3.Has same problem with wraith, you fall very slowly and since hunters have ridicules range that’s free damage for them.
4.Werid animation times(I had a griffen harpoon me every time I even hoped of doing one,and I mean back to back to back)
5.Can easily be stopped by the hunters array of CC
6.Has long range but is slow