Are Less People Enjoying Caira?


Ever since the patch came out, in about sixty games I’ve only seen about two Caira players. Has she just fallen off in effectiveness or do people find her boring? This is coming from both hunter and monster perspective. The weird thing is it’s not even Slim that’s replacing her, I find myself playing with more Val’s then anybody. Can any medic players give a reason for this? I’m kind of missing the challenge of overcoming her heals as monster.


She is boring to play as and if you are not just shooting green orbs at everyone your team will get mad and say you are a terrible medic.


Maybe people are just testing Val for once.


Shes just too simple, you just spam heals the entire time, not enough variety


Yeah, possibly. She really is a one trick pony with ‘Spam Nades and more Nades’.

Sad. She always gives more of a challenge when I’m monster. Val and Slim you can just easily focus down even through shields.


Yep, I guess people find her boring. She is still the best medic in my opinion, though. Great, reliable healing and the speed boost is very useful. I’d put Val in the second spot because the healing is also reliable and the tranqs can be very annoying for the monster. Slim is completely shut down by Kraken, the most popular monster right now so he’s not a very smart choice. If you pick Lazarus you enable the monster to get to stage 3 for free because the monster can just kill the trapper very easily.

So yeah, people are probably bored of her, but she is still the best choice IMO.


I like fighting Val, she always makes me really nervous because her tranqs are horrifyingly effective, i feel like a snail


A Val with good aim when you’re stage one is an absolute nightmare, especially as Kraken or Behemoth. As Goliath I feel more comfortable facing a Val.


Yeah i feel comfortable as Goliath most of the time (tier 4 is sorta f-in with me atm :/) but i actually think Behemoth is good against Val, cant heal what ya cant see :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t had a real issue with Tier 4 ever since I maxed Rock throw rank 3 by stage 2. I just leap around to dodge mortars until you land a solid rock on somebody and then burst them down with heavy melee + Flame breath. Rinse and repeat.

As for Behemoth, that is true, but I guess I better get better at placing Rock Walls then cause I suck at them :smiley:


Master the wall, Destroy em all, thats my new saying, and its true :wink:


PM me your Behemoth build if you will, I’m interested to see how you do since I’m still learning him.


Caira is still the most annoying healer for me as the monster. I laugh at the others, including slim.


Caira is still the best healer. People just want to try Slim and Val.


Val was my go too medic before the patch, her tranq’s are fun as hell to land.

Slim. Slim is nothing BUT fun. Shoot monster for heals? Fun-check. Use a drone to patch up hunters across the map? Fun-check as well. Block the monsters sense of smell and watch it miss every skill shot? SUPER-fun-check.

Caira is… Shoot grenades. Repeat. Maybe pop a speed boost.


Pretty much this.


Caira was always boring, and Slim fills the same “you can do something and be a reliable healer” criteria. Val has been patched in a way that also makes her potentially more reliable than Caira too (certainly in the hands of those lower down the ranks).

Not many people are using bucket for the same reason, there’s no point taking him when Sunny is around.


Val was buffed and Slim is the new hotness. Caira was the old “best” so I could see why people would be sick of her.


Still feel like She’s the best medic, I think it’s just bc slim is new and fun and people are trying out Val 2.0.


I have more fun on Slim and Val right now but switch to Caira if I feel like we are playing a good monster since I do best with her. If I had a team that I was more comfortable with, I might try Val or Slim out on challenging fights. Right now Slim’s damage makes him really attractive, but if I don’t have sights on the monster then I can’t output healing as fast - Caira just feels more reliable to me.